Dear Leather Jacket Afficionados, Skinny Tie Boppers, Beat Girls and Muttonchop Mods,

the VIBRATOR BUZZ Blog has returned from the world wide web´s hell of useless music journalism ready to rant about the latest Rock´N´Roll Rollercoasters of Mod, Powerpop, Punk and assorted Street Sound specialities again.

As usual we only do what we wanna do and only talk about what we think might be worthwhile to satisfy the desperate needs of our lost souls and dictatoral musical preferences. Please be aware that the use of rude words and psychiatrical inhabitant language is absolutely essential for our lyrical claptrap and won´t be subject to negotiation.

If you think your musical output might be useful to help us trash our living rooms, have a drink or ten to much or even support our love abilities please feel free to get in touch and send us your stuff.

Please also be aware that in case you are some sort of xenophobist or otherwise dumbnut white trash scumbag who has lost that poor little rest of his brain in the toilet sink your useless crap will be taken right to the dumping ground but not until we´ve turned you into ridicule in front of the whole wide world.

Yours truly,





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