Review: RADIOHEARTS – Daytime Man EP


Daytime Man EP
Wanda Records

The fifth round of the Long Beach “Hit after Hit” Popcorn Bag Wonders and once again the air is getting rarer for their opponents. Don´t ask me why I haven´t written about those blokes yet, maybe it´s because the almighty Lord Rutledge has already said everything great that is to say about them, maybe it´s just my general work flow modus of only posting reviews every two to four months but at least here it is, my five cent contribution to the musical industry.

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Review: GEE STRINGS – I´m So Gee LP


I´m So Gee LP
Ghost Highway / KOTJ / El Beasto Recordings (Spain)
Adrenaline Fix Music (France)
Wanda Records (Germany)

Old love doesn´t rust and the GEE STRINGS have always been one of mine since they´ve fired their first Chinese Rocks into the drivelling 1977 junkie romance crowd from their then High Society International label bunker back in 1996.
Now they´re back with their first full-length since “A Bunch Of Bugs” ten years ago and totally hold up to their big beat “Rip Her To L.A.M.F. Shreds” promise given on the “I Will Get You” Single on No Front Teeth in 2015 and on their first taste of delightful doom in this decade dating back to 2013 when they spit out a Split with Scott “Deluxe” Drake & the World´s Strongest Men.
Counting on those canapes I´ve expected nothing else but Ready Steady Yobbo Snubs honoured with the Cross of the Blitzkrieg Bop Order on the golden strap of Pirate Love.

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s/t LP
Wanda Records

Salute the New Wave of the New Wave of the New Wave with me for another fizzy flurry of JACK & THE RIPPERS Snot Pop adventures ringing at your front door backpacked with a double dosed pint of BUZZCOCKS sherbert crackers.
Comin´ from the land of milk and tax dodging these three chord and a half veterans are buffing up their punky crew cuts with a gloopy domestic handful of  NEGATIV “Glitter Hair Cream” and just the right amount of Howard Devoto veneration grumpily snarling in his Top Of The Pops lead pencil looking microphone.
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Buzz Of The Month: THE NOT AMUSED – Flat Broke MLP



Flat Broke MLP
Wanda Records

Put up or shut up, it´s no secret that I simply fell in love with the THE NOT AMUSED both on a personal and on a musical basis since having heard their “Flaunting Their Talents” 12inch back in 2007 and luckily being able to organize some gigs with them back in my tiny booking activity days. But seriously folks, even from an objective perspective, how could one not love them ?
Not only do they have the perfect musical suss belting out a monster mash blizzard of record collector´s Powerpop wet dreams shaking some punked up Teenage Treats action with the cream of the Gin Tonic intoxicated Mod Revival crop,  but also the appropriate style and attitude reflecting this music they play. A definite treasure that cannot be valued highly enough in times of bands really daring to wear tracksuits on stage !

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Review: NERVE BUTTON – s/t LP


s/t LP
Wanda Records

Filthy jokes rolled up in a greasy bacon rind of magnificent FORGOTTEN REBELS bad taste and ambiguous TEENAGE HEAD sidenotes about genitals served with Junkshop handclaps from the local pawnbroker and a droned out copy of the REAL KIDS Debut LP at side.
If those guys are talking about a trip to the rig there´s no job related training event to be planned but an alcoholically indicated intoxication instead leading to an impressive sexual accident with the not necessarily attractive neighborhood milf.
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The Raunch & Riot Of The CRAZY SQUEEZE: A Euro Tour Report by Sir Frankie Delmane


Fanzines, bloody hell ! It´s almost nine months ago now that I´ve tried multiple times at and at various resources to find a warm and cozy paper issue place for this CRAZY SQUEEZE tour report by Sir Frankie Delmane to creep in and be taken care of just to splendidly run aground.
Either I got offered the page space of a shopping list (if you don´t buy more than a piece of cheese and just a little salami) or I´ve been informed about guest writers not being asked for, sometimes I even got no answer at all or things just didn´t get sorted out the right way.
Nevertheless I still think that this tour report should be seen and read as it is perfectly echoing the passion and enthusiasm of the CRAZY SQUEEZE on stage. That “Glorious Pub Junk Glam’n’Roll providing you a rare and special kind of bliss only comparable to being laid to rest in the cuddly womb of a wet five dollar whore.” is really dripping out of every single letter noted down here.
As the CRAZY SQUEEZE have just released their “To The Lonely Ones / Red Rosie” 7inch on Pure Punk and will be coming back to Europe this autumn, I thought that this report may be a fine taster for all the undecided to be discipulized into unrestrained outta control CRAZY SQUEEZE junkies with, even despite such dumb and childish things like actuality.
Last but not least a million thanks to Frankie for his work writing this !

crazy squeeze 3
The Crazy Squeeze- the proverbially postmodern pub rock masterpiece, took our show on the road this past November, bringing our brand of direct hit hooks- a sonic hybrid of our musical heroes from The Boys UK, Little Bob Story, Heartbreakers, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Stooges, Chuck Berry and Little Richard- merged with subtle hints of R&B, Soul, hillbilly music, and some shots of noise for anarchistic fullness- to towns across Europe, in an effort to entertain and galvanize those interested in having a momentary fling with catharsis, transcendence, and the overall need to get drunk, stupid, and sloppy. Three and a half weeks of nightly debauchery, debasement, and self-destruction seemed to lead the way, as we crawled and scrapped through language barriers, dietary challenges, traffic transgressions, and the general quest for some sort of avoidance of our everyday lives back home in Angry America. We were well-oiled, ready, packed and pleased to be going places few of us have been, some of us have seen many times, yet all would count as new adventures for a lifetime.
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Review: LES SUZARDS – s/t LP


s/t LP
Wanda Records

Are you breaking into shivvers, feeling those chills excessively rattling your bones and jerking your muscles, involuntary and almost spastic ? Are you suffering from effusive perspiration always leading you to chugalug unhealthy amounts of beverages with an alcohol content way above 40% ?

If so, don´t worry, you´re lucky, it´s neither Ebola nor Dengi, actually you´re infected by Algomania, that reckless Teenage Fever initially having occured in Rouen, France in the year of our Snot 1977, bread and spread by the legendary DOGS, four marauding rowdy rockers with too much class for the neighborhood and impressive viral distribution properties which have now infiltrated the LES SUZARDS´ stem cells as well generating a new evil hearted breed of classy french Punk Rockers for Linda to shake with.

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Review: LA FLINGUE – Piss-Tape Zero-Quatre 12″


Piss-Tape Zero-Quatre 12″
Wanda Records / P.Trash Records (Vinyl Version)
Crapoulet Records / No Glory Records (Tape Version)

Still gettin´ high taking a nip from grandma´s secret Klosterfrau Melissengeist stock and stealing her rheumatoid arthritis medication like a pitiful mediocre Darby Crash copycat ?

Then improve to the next level and step right “In Die Zukunft” by starting to snort the LA FLINGUE own hallicugenic Idiot Box mixture of klebstoff and piss to have your brain blowjobbed im Politbüro by a double-headed Hamster Norvegicus.

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Review: LOS PEPES – And I Know / Say Goodbye EP


And I Know / Say Goodbye EP
Wanda Records

Soon ripe, soon rotten and only ten months behind it´s actual release date it finally happened, the review for the latest teenage vinyl treat by your favourite international handsome dicked Powerpop Overthrowers LOS PEPES adding another caviare cruncher to their discography by messing with the “Smart Boys” sound of the STARJETS and teengenerating the whole glorious Good Vibrations history of PROTEX, RUDI, TEARJERKERS, MOONDOGS, XDREAMYSTS and THE UNDERTONES through the “Borneo Jimmy” bullhorn of the DICTATORS cheekily nobbling those nymphomaniac “All Kindsa Girls” from the REAL KIDS backstage room to perform some tangible KNOTS “Action” instead of sleeping with the TV on with a stale beer open.Read More »

Review: COLD CALLERS – Alright Girl / Spying On Me 7″


Alright Girl / Spying On Me 7″
Wanda Records

After filling the gaps between snotnosing dumpster trash wipeouts  and post-punk nuclear apocalypse serenades with THE GAGGERS, MISCALCULATIONS, THE EXIT, TEENAGE TRICKS and about sixty-six and a dozen more roundabout rockers Marco Palumbo, principal of NFT Records as well, still had some downtime left in his 36 hours day and therefore decided to team up with parts of the LOS PEPES and use their universal musical weapon skills to unearth the powerpearling teenage heartbreak sides of their achin´ shakin´ hearts the Bomp Records way. Read More »