Reissue Rumble: CITY LIMITS – To Hull And Back LP



To Hull And Back LP
Queen Mum Records

Watch out all you Powerpop Ultra Fanatics & 1979 Heartattack Rhythm Lovers ´cause after having elevated your skinny tied soul to seventh heaven top floor with the incredible full-length vinyl comeback of THE JETZ last year, Queen Mum Records is back with another masterstroke that you´ll rub your hands and wet your pants for.
Talk is of the legendary CITY LIMITS from Leeds, best known for their unbeatable Powerpop Manifest “Morse Code Messages” from their lone 1979 three track 7″ wonder of the same name fetching up prizes up to 500 Euros as of now.
A treasure chest tailor-made for Kidnap and his dedicated labelwork to dig deeper in and start the hunt for more hidden diamonds that even the most nerdy collector hasn´t dared to dream of yet while cuddling his near mint Clive Culbertson and SUDDEN FUN originals.

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Reissue Rumble: AIRSHIP – Get Out, Take Your Mother With You / Gimme A Can Of Spray Paint 7″


Get Out, Take Your Mother With You / Gimme A Can Of Spray Paint 7″
Meanbean Records

Jeez, this is an essential and fully realized single re-release packed with two pub rock/“fake” punk songs that draw from JET STAXX, BUZZ and ALBERTO Y LOST TRIOS PARANOIAS. It is nothing short of puzzling to me that this 7“ has hitherto not been reissued on vinyl, except for the odd bootleg or comp here and there, because both songs are stellar. But first things first: since 2014, it has been good to have Martin over at Québec-based Meanbean Records putting some classic stuff together—no matter whether a heavily sought-after monumental powerpop-retrospective (check the upcoming 7“ by the REGULAR GUYS) or a totally unknown KBD-obscurity (that WIPERS record should be right up you alley!)—, cranking out old material as good as ever. He apparently likes pissing away money on records just as much as Sing Sing did and fills the void after they sadly called it quits.Read More »