Top Of The Snots: MISCALCULATIONS – Kill The Whole Cast LP


Kill The Whole Cast LP
FDH Records / P.Trash Records / Rockstar Records

It´s hot in this post-nuclear stoneage matrix, parched desert landscapes as far as the eye can reach, only broken by the view on blood-smeared arenas where the unpennied beggars are mutilating each other for a piece of bread while the drones of war are minatory hovering above their districts only waiting for their target acquisition commando note. The world the MISCACULATIONS are conceptulaizing with their songs is abysmally vicious and could hardly be any scarier or more frightening but although it may facile appear futuristic actually isn´t that far away from the reality of our modern world where hate is sold as hope, where victims are distorted into parasites, where we´re closing our eyes when being faced with squalor until it´s knocking on our front door, just to even then derogatively slam it in the face of the less and non fortunate.

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Review: BOYS ORDER – Tomorrow Dancing / Danger 7″


Tomorrow Dancing / Danger 7″
Secret Mission Records

Sugar, ah, honey, honey, you are my candy girl and you´ve got me wanting you with your sweetest sound of Belinda Carlisle cheating the time by doing flirty dirty things with the good ole Chipmunks Gang in an acidic yellow paddle pond overspillingly filled with pink strawberry pudding while Ferris Bueller is having his leopard vested day off on TV. Read More »