Talking In The Canteen: LOS PEPES


The Chain Smokers´ Psycho Therapy

Transnational Powerpop Jetset for the advanced with over two packets of fags a day infectiously huffin´and puffin´ their way through the golden tarred Good Vibrations orbit by riding on the misty smoke wave of northern irish Teenage Heroes like PROTEX, STARJETS, UNDERTONES or RUDI additionally impregnated with a strong TESTORS vibe for 77 rounds of “Big Time” Up & Down including a maximum KNOTS action guarantee.
An ultimate formula for success exclusively exemplified to me by Ben Perrier, vocalist, consonantist and long haired guitarist for these seven wonders of the shake appeal world. For your very own private party time use accompanied by some belts of Asbach Spritzer I strongly recommend to not only achieve their actual full-length “All Over Now” but their whole discography as well. So tweeze your eyebrows, bop your head and get zooed out to the heartattack rhythm of LOS PEPES.
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Review: LOS PEPES – And I Know / Say Goodbye EP


And I Know / Say Goodbye EP
Wanda Records

Soon ripe, soon rotten and only ten months behind it´s actual release date it finally happened, the review for the latest teenage vinyl treat by your favourite international handsome dicked Powerpop Overthrowers LOS PEPES adding another caviare cruncher to their discography by messing with the “Smart Boys” sound of the STARJETS and teengenerating the whole glorious Good Vibrations history of PROTEX, RUDI, TEARJERKERS, MOONDOGS, XDREAMYSTS and THE UNDERTONES through the “Borneo Jimmy” bullhorn of the DICTATORS cheekily nobbling those nymphomaniac “All Kindsa Girls” from the REAL KIDS backstage room to perform some tangible KNOTS “Action” instead of sleeping with the TV on with a stale beer open.Read More »