Talking In The Canteen: CITY LIMITS


Morse Code Messages Straight To Berlin

Dear esteemed Vibrator Buzz followers and international record junkies blessed with the refined Powerpop taste of gods !
Are you ready for the comeback of the year, for an auditory adventure shot of Sixties Pop Jetage on a fast lane fight ride with the LAMBRETTAS qualitatively reeving in right beside THE FANS, DISTRACTIONS and REALLY 3RDS with an Costello aim that is true ?
Then set your alarm clocks to the 13th of May to jump directly into a sweaty hot pot live experience with the Leeds Powerpop Legend CITY LIMITS celebrating the release of their ultimately recommended “To Hull And Back” digest LP on Queen Mum Records with an exclusive return to the boards that mean the world at the Wild At Heart in Berlin !
Best known for their teenage fever anthem “Morse Code Messages” from the EP of the same name havin´ seen birth on the Luggage Label in 1979 this is your exclusive chance to save the 500 Euro that this EP is fetching up on the collectors market and reinvest them for train or flight ticket to Berlin and still havin´ a whole lot of quid left to broaden your barfly horizon while shaking your booty to the real thing.
Accompanied by Switzerland´s one and only BUZZCOCKS nougate covered Chainsaw Poppers ESCALATOR HATERS bringin´ in their tasty OUTCASTS / RUDI / UNDERTONES nut mix recipes and Bank Holiday Mod-Snot Berlin residents THE NOT AMUSED with their rampant Modern World middle-finger response take on THE CROOKS, CHORDS, SEVENTEEN and obscure Bored Teengagers residents alike, this one´s sure to be a night to remember and tell your grandchilds to.
On the occasion of this sabbath day I took the chance to have a chat with CITY LIMITS man of the match Ted Waite telling me about the way from founding the band in Leeds 1973 to playing in Berlin 2017.
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Talking In The Canteen: LOS PEPES


The Chain Smokers´ Psycho Therapy

Transnational Powerpop Jetset for the advanced with over two packets of fags a day infectiously huffin´and puffin´ their way through the golden tarred Good Vibrations orbit by riding on the misty smoke wave of northern irish Teenage Heroes like PROTEX, STARJETS, UNDERTONES or RUDI additionally impregnated with a strong TESTORS vibe for 77 rounds of “Big Time” Up & Down including a maximum KNOTS action guarantee.
An ultimate formula for success exclusively exemplified to me by Ben Perrier, vocalist, consonantist and long haired guitarist for these seven wonders of the shake appeal world. For your very own private party time use accompanied by some belts of Asbach Spritzer I strongly recommend to not only achieve their actual full-length “All Over Now” but their whole discography as well. So tweeze your eyebrows, bop your head and get zooed out to the heartattack rhythm of LOS PEPES.
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