Review: GULAG BEACH – Apocalyptic Beats LP


Apocalyptic Beats LP
Phantom Records

This is Berlin for sure, Posh Boy L.A. as well and definitely the Northern California BODIES / CADAVERS / SHARP OBJECTS bermuda triangle too, so to say Sonoma Beat Boys In The Berlin Blvd. Age. What would Rodney Bingenheimer say and when will Modern Action Records be knockin´at the GULAG BEACH beerzantine palace doors offering to produce a handknippled fretwork vinyl special limited edition including a bottle of Berliner Luft schnaps and a set of tights to fashionably complete a proper bankrobbery outfit ?

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Review: DAMAGED ONES – The First Kiss LP


The First Kiss LP
New Age Records

TURNING POINT, UNBROKEN, STRIFE, some randomly chosen names of abstinent bustle boxers with XXX-Psychosis from the New Age label roster preaching an edge that I give a fuck about.
Owed to the above (maybe ignorant and single-sided) point of view and due to the fact that mentioned blokes and their musical relatives aren´t a part of my personal musical universe at all, I even didn´t know that New Age Records is still active and honestly couldn´t have cared less, at least so far.
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Review: PMS 84 – s/t 7″


PMS 84
s/t EP
Nightrider Records

Some people might say that this ain´t music but a biological weapon of mass destruction set to noise. Yeah shithead, you´re absolutely right, they are a blood splattered massacre driven forward by a deafening bass guitar that really can´t be described as an instrument but rather like the sound of grenades dropping into your trimmed dooryard and fronted by a rabid madman puking out salves of hate instead of singing.

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