Review: GEE STRINGS – I´m So Gee LP


I´m So Gee LP
Ghost Highway / KOTJ / El Beasto Recordings (Spain)
Adrenaline Fix Music (France)
Wanda Records (Germany)

Old love doesn´t rust and the GEE STRINGS have always been one of mine since they´ve fired their first Chinese Rocks into the drivelling 1977 junkie romance crowd from their then High Society International label bunker back in 1996.
Now they´re back with their first full-length since “A Bunch Of Bugs” ten years ago and totally hold up to their big beat “Rip Her To L.A.M.F. Shreds” promise given on the “I Will Get You” Single on No Front Teeth in 2015 and on their first taste of delightful doom in this decade dating back to 2013 when they spit out a Split with Scott “Deluxe” Drake & the World´s Strongest Men.
Counting on those canapes I´ve expected nothing else but Ready Steady Yobbo Snubs honoured with the Cross of the Blitzkrieg Bop Order on the golden strap of Pirate Love.

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Review: GEE STRINGS – I Will Get You 7″


I Will Get You 7″
No Front Teeth Records

After their 2012 Split 7″ with Scott “Deluxe” Drake Ingi Pop and her Wildheartbreakers are back with a new 7″ topping the Cherry Bomb by speeding the comprehensively refurbished “X Offender” genius of Clem Burke and Debbie Harry through the Thunders / Killer Kane Overdrive before making you fall down on your knees and pray to the god of S.F. Punk with an incredibly great cover of “We Are The One” paying tribute to one of their main influences THE AVENGERS. Read More »