Review: BOYS ORDER – Tomorrow Dancing / Danger 7″


Tomorrow Dancing / Danger 7″
Secret Mission Records

Sugar, ah, honey, honey, you are my candy girl and you´ve got me wanting you with your sweetest sound of Belinda Carlisle cheating the time by doing flirty dirty things with the good ole Chipmunks Gang in an acidic yellow paddle pond overspillingly filled with pink strawberry pudding while Ferris Bueller is having his leopard vested day off on TV. Read More »


Review: PALE LIPS – Candy Song 7″


Candy Song 7″
No Front Teeth Records

Diabetes-Pop with a dash of Vanilla Garage and tight fitting early DONNAS hotpants played through the grapevine of Sixties Girlgroups like the SHANGRI-LAS who like their mascara to be smeared by the bad boys in town only but as well are always ready to thump your ass and donate double eye shiners in true BOBBYTEENS style in case you´re not offering the appropriate gentleman´s respect.