Review: WEEKS – Get Away 7″


Get Away 7″
Time For Action Records / Contra Records

Perry Boys and Woking Wonders, dust off your dancing brogues and unbag your top groomed inner Weller ´cause the ballroom will be shaken by a three-buttoned earthquake tonight coming all the way from the Isle of Wight to pierce your marrow and bone with it´s roaring Parka Pop beats.

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Review: R.A.S. – Pas Le Temps De Regretter 12″


Pas Le Temps De Regretter 12″
Contra Records

France oh France, my dear fountain of earth´s eternal Oi! and Punk joys ! First of all you granted me the pleasure of a triumphant KOMINTERN SECT awakening with their “D´Une Meme Voix” MLP and now you´re making my cherry red heart shake and shivver with the return of R.A.S. joining the Contra Records family as well.
It´s as Jean-Jacques Rousseau said: “When life gives you anis, make Pastis out of it, get wasted, get rowdy and start a civil war with this backstreet nailbomb of record blastin´ through the speakers of your stereo !”.
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Review: RAZORCUT – Common Enemy LP


Common Enemy LP
Contra Records

You´re stressed out because the plastic surgeon appointment for the aesthetic adjustment of your cheekbones has been postponed once again ?
You want to drastically reduce the latency time for your next dentist date because your nicotine yellowed teeth stumps and  beer coloured Bovver Boy tusks are in the urgent need of a surgical extirpation ?
Then this RAZORCUT follow-up to their “Rise Again” full-length debut from 2015 is the ultimately satisfactional solution you´ve searched for.
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Top Of The Snots: PENNYCOCKS – Fake Gold & Broken Teeth LP



Fake Gold & Broken Teeth LP
Contra Records

Back in 1977 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS frantically raised the question “Where Have All The Bootboys Gone”, thirty-nine years and many worry lines later they finally receive the proper answer to satisfy their elementary needs by the PENNYCOCKS from Barcelona. Here they are, Latin Lover Bootboys from Catalonia cracking up bubble gum automats for their dear concubines and skipping out on a tab instead of beating up their opponents with handmade Millwall Bricks, allover handsome fellas going out for a Marlon Brando memorial spin through town on their rusty mopeds with the gold dust sound of music from the Fifties to the Seventies ringing in their ears.
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Review: SUBCULTURE – Ain´t Done Nothing Wrong EP


Aint Done Nothing Wrong EP
Contra Records

Steeled by bovver, beans and burnt toast, it´s time for another session of potbelly Ruck´n´Roll muscle stretching at the Cambridge Antisocial Boxing Hall with local Oi! legends SUBCULTURE stinging like a rabid bee infected by a seriously rotten case of “Anarchy In The U.K.”, breastfed by “Flares ´n Slippers” and raised on the dead end dole queue streets of Thatcher Britain.

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Review: SHANDY – Bish Bosh Bash 7″


Bish Bosh Bash 7″
Contra Records

It´s the return of the fever tree jagged Bovver Bandicoots from Down Under (the bar) with a prophesying Boogie Woogie Double-A Side for their “Tough Pucker” Album, meanwhile having hit the streets and Trevor White´s secret basement party room as well, with the objective of overstraining your artificial senior hooly hip joint in a rush of teenage excitement by trying to do nutzoid teenage dance moves while being totally zonked out on cheap shots of crocodile naphtha hooch.     Read More »



Split 7″
Contra Records

Music for Brogue Polishers the Triple Oi! 14-Hole Boots Fanclub operator will be complaining about while the frontman of the POTBELLY ANARCHISTS, still noggy from the three litres Chianti bottle he had for breakfast, will be roistering in bewilderment: This is what you call Punk ?                                 

They just don´t understand it, their horizon has been been busted as they don´t have any clue in which of their close minded drawers the band should be sorted in. 

So let´s cut it down for them and do some enlightening work. Both DUFFY´S CUT and IDLE GOSSIP can in the main be pinned down to the keywords Style and Obession, like a personified Sta-Prest crease collecting sweat in an english sixties dancehall. They are Button-Down disciples with full backpleat, cufflinks and a matching three button jacket handsewn by the same italian tailor that already staffed Steve McQueen. They are practicing musically obsessed genealogy in sweatened Arnold Palmer camisoles going back to the very roots of real handmade music. Read More »