Review: NASTY RUMOURS – Singles LP


Wanda Records

Four multiplied by seven is twelve as Adam Riese and Casino Steel already knew when having developed the formula for the Vinyl Spin Factor reduction in inverse ratio to the consumption of ice cold hop & malt beverages.
An established method now picked up by the Powerpop Heartbreakers of the Bern Razorblade Forge NASTY RUMOURS to collect their Singles released on Wanda Records and No Front Teeth from 2014 to 2016 in the joint-friendly but liver-thrilling 12″ format, less time to turn over the singles, more time to drink.

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Top Of The Snots: SUSPECT PARTS – s/t LP


s/t LP
Taken By Surprise Records

You´ve read all the ´Best of 2017´ record lists already because they´ve been boringly finished by the end of 2017 but you are still clueless about which record you need most ? Then you´ve come to the right place because here at the Buzz we take our time, when it comes to the perfect artistical judgement, the decision of who´s hot and who´s god-awful not.
In this spirit it is now that you´ll read about the undeniable, incontrovertable and invincible one and only best bubblegum damaged record of 2017 in the following lines, the selftitled debut full-length of the SUSPECT PARTS.
Gaze in amazement, you are about to witness the creation of the Snot Pop Decalogue !
Enough of the premature praise, here´s how the story goes:

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Review: DEVIOUS ONES – Djarum Summers 7″


Djarum Summers 7″
No Front Teeth Records

Do your hear that clapping sound ? Do you smell the taste of blood ? Don´t worry, it´s not another AGNOSTIC FRONT record that I´m talking about, it´s just me spanking my own ass. Amado of the DEVIOUS ONES already got in touch with me many months and moons ago and though I´d already marked writing about them somewhere in the back of my unsorted mind I´ve always been unable to pull it off due to various circumstances and it fell through.
At least until now when Marco from NFT finally released this gem and sent it over forcing me to my long overdue contestation with the DEVIOUS ONES. Fortunately, as otherwise I would have regretted it.

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Review: RADIOHEARTS – Daytime Man EP


Daytime Man EP
Wanda Records

The fifth round of the Long Beach “Hit after Hit” Popcorn Bag Wonders and once again the air is getting rarer for their opponents. Don´t ask me why I haven´t written about those blokes yet, maybe it´s because the almighty Lord Rutledge has already said everything great that is to say about them, maybe it´s just my general work flow modus of only posting reviews every two to four months but at least here it is, my five cent contribution to the musical industry.

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Top Of The Snots: THE GIFT – Running Around This Town LP


Running Around This Town LP
Time For Action Records

Alright you Top Boys and Knuckle Girls, I really hope you didn´t set your TFA order yet after the triumphant cry for glory of the WEEKS yesterday because here´s another scorcher comin´ from the same label to whip out your wallet for.
In case you ever thought of Powerpop only being some lame kind of coitus backbeat or of Mod Revival only being fit for crumpled pedantic traditionalists blustering about the sewing patterns of their Button-Down Shirts while sipping on a cup of Earl Grey and nibbling on a piece of malt loaf, then you´ve finally found the definite antithesis to this proposition by means of THE GIFT from Nantes and their actual full-length.
Almost two years after the release of their Debut EP on Une Vie Pour Rien those guys, having emerged from the likes of PROTOKIDS, JANITORS, RUDES and HEADLINERS, are presenting  a record that simply has to be denominated as absolutely unrivalled in it´s sound and attitude, once again giving proof that the TFA commander-in-chief Micha repeatedly evinces the right intuition to find extraordinary bands for his label.

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Talking In The Canteen: CITY LIMITS


Morse Code Messages Straight To Berlin

Dear esteemed Vibrator Buzz followers and international record junkies blessed with the refined Powerpop taste of gods !
Are you ready for the comeback of the year, for an auditory adventure shot of Sixties Pop Jetage on a fast lane fight ride with the LAMBRETTAS qualitatively reeving in right beside THE FANS, DISTRACTIONS and REALLY 3RDS with an Costello aim that is true ?
Then set your alarm clocks to the 13th of May to jump directly into a sweaty hot pot live experience with the Leeds Powerpop Legend CITY LIMITS celebrating the release of their ultimately recommended “To Hull And Back” digest LP on Queen Mum Records with an exclusive return to the boards that mean the world at the Wild At Heart in Berlin !
Best known for their teenage fever anthem “Morse Code Messages” from the EP of the same name havin´ seen birth on the Luggage Label in 1979 this is your exclusive chance to save the 500 Euro that this EP is fetching up on the collectors market and reinvest them for train or flight ticket to Berlin and still havin´ a whole lot of quid left to broaden your barfly horizon while shaking your booty to the real thing.
Accompanied by Switzerland´s one and only BUZZCOCKS nougate covered Chainsaw Poppers ESCALATOR HATERS bringin´ in their tasty OUTCASTS / RUDI / UNDERTONES nut mix recipes and Bank Holiday Mod-Snot Berlin residents THE NOT AMUSED with their rampant Modern World middle-finger response take on THE CROOKS, CHORDS, SEVENTEEN and obscure Bored Teengagers residents alike, this one´s sure to be a night to remember and tell your grandchilds to.
On the occasion of this sabbath day I took the chance to have a chat with CITY LIMITS man of the match Ted Waite telling me about the way from founding the band in Leeds 1973 to playing in Berlin 2017.
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Audiophiles: V/A – Terminal Teenage – Pubescent Powerpop Wonders & Petting Pervs


Terminal Teenage – Pubescent Powerpop Wonders & Petting Pervs
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

As the Record Reviews are still in the making (due to general laziness, time tunnels, parties with myself, cooking gulasch) I thought I´d throw in another compilation to satisfy your needs until further review update note.
This time I´m back again with what I can do and know best, teenage terrors and their stories of misconduct, noise annoys, adultery, hangovers and burst condoms.
Times of total levity when you thought you´ll stay sixteen forever, times when your main focus has been on a couple of pints,  a pile of records to annoy your parents with and staying out late waiting to be finally deflowered by Sheena, Roxy, Rhonda or one of her random girl gang friends.
Be part of the mission and revive your personal teenage kicks with this 28-track compilation monster of pure Powerpop virginity. Put your AGNOSTIC FRONT records aside and listen to some real music, take off your muscle shirt and pop in some candy to your hard-nosed soul, your wife will be thankful for it !

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Audiophiles: V/A -Mullets & Snot Mops – A Collection Of Toilet Rockers and Testicle Bruisers


Mullets & Snot Mops – A Collection Of Toilet Rockers & Testicle Bruisers
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

You didn´t ask for it, so here it is, a massive collection of heavy rockin´ crunchers, hard poppin´ pissers and motor-oil glammy gunk.
With thirty songs reporting for noise duty this is the most massice collection I´ve worked out so far and the first one delving onto the scary shores of NWOBHM. Don´t be afraid though, guitar solos and ecstatically howling vocal hounds on acid aren´t my six-pack of personal choices as well, so I´ve focussed on the early days of NWOBHM when the music still had no genre boundaries, no rules and regulations and was wanking around somewhere inbetween the poles of Hard Rock, Punk and Powerpop resulting in an output that I´d describe as Toilet Rock in the best sense possible.
Raucous Moped Rockers equipped with ammunition belts and testicle bruising skintight denims whooped by cheap alcohol, pills and teenage hate, post-punkish lo-fidelity garage slop farts on amateur speed with a glammy undertone and oily haired Powerpoppers with an instant dependence potential playing darts in stinky pubs and goosing older women´s ass.
All the ingredients you need for a noisy night-out trip back in time are, as usual, listed and available for downfiling pleasure below…See you next week when it´s time for another part of the BACKSTREET FEVER Glam Series and a batch of Record Reviews !
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Audiophiles: V/A – Terminal Boredom Vol. 1 – TransWorld Punk & SnotPop


Terminal Boredom Vol. 1 – Trans-World Punk & SnotPop
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

Hell Yeah, the inauguration is coming tomorrow and therefore here´s the accurate final shot of Killed By Grandpa Punk and SnotPop treats before the drops to melt our lazy dumb ass existence…and what a shot is is !
As you lousy snorters didn´t make any suggestions but just consume what you are served I just compiled what I can compile best, 25 tracks in a whole, the last chance before apocalypse to grapple with classic lifetime themes like “Short Haired Rock And Roll” eloquently summarized by the TERRORWAYS, the autopsy techniques of KRIS METHE & THE MISTAKES or a quick “We´re Ok Sod You” Fuck Off kick to bourgeois squares and philistines by the other BLITZ.
Naturally the riddle of love is taking it´s toll too, multiple times, from different views. We´ve got the heartbreaks, men treaten bad to worse from their girlfriends with PETE THE MEAT AND THE BOYS “Look What She´s Doing To Me” and not even being phoned or just hanging´it up (back then when telephones could been hang up) via STRYKER “On The Phone”, the first delicate plant of teenage lust evolving with TEACHER´S PET “Meet Me At The Hot Dog Stand” and the MARC THOR BAND representing the opinion that plain out “Love Sucks”.
We´ve got Teeny Boppers like SPIDER with “Back To The Wall”, criminally overseen razorblade kissers like THE CRABS with “Victim”, BAD ACTORS with “Are They Hostile ?”, DEAF AIDS with “Bored Christine”, ZIPPS with “Friends”, Toby Redd who, like me, “Can´t Get A Job” and we´ve got two of my personal alltime favourites on here: The Rumblers from Ramsgate, RIVALS with “Weekdays”, goosebumps friends “…Everybody´s started the game now, growing up and looking older but you´ll never get me in row ´cause I..wanna stay young, in my mind, in my mind, in my mind…”   and the BODGERS with “Stutter” which will make you forget your wowowowowowowowowowowords.
As for the rest you´ll have to find out yourself below and in case not everything´s is going to blow I still accept compilation requests, not that anyone cares. The first one to request will receive a 7″ vinyl single on black vinyl that I don´t listen to anyway.
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