Review: PROTO IDIOT – Leisure Opportunity LP


Leisure Opportunity
Slovenly Recordings

Caution, massive use of foreign language, you´ll feel like being a 20th Semester Latin Lectureship student without money, friends and social balance !
PROTO IDIOT are the atonym of sobriety, the hinged-up “Bingo Masters Breakout” loo lid on Mark E Smith´s lavatory, cause of matrimonial trouble when being used by seasoned barroom athlete friends to pee standing up and spice the bowl with a monstrous pile of Nineties Garage Punk Poo.

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Review: BAD VISION – Turn Out Your Sockets LP


Turn Out Your Sockets LP
Adagio 830

It´s a shame, that bloody Bore´n´Roll rag Rolling Stone didn´t react to the gauntlet I slapped in their face with my last review for the Debut LP of BAD VISION back in 2014 telling them to do a special of these Melbournists. Even more disgraceful for this boring old music jounalist farts is the fact that they did not even get hooked on my paramountly poetic hints of tanked armadillos, LSD and Roky Erickson being evident in the sound of BAD VISION having convinced me to deliver eight points back then.
Pudency, ignominy and and infamy shall overcome them for such ignorance !
So keep on digging for unreleased output from Dylan´s armpits you old men, bad luck you´ll subsequently also not be able to understand why BAD VISION are able to even surpass their prior ouput with “Turn Out Your Sockets” and clock in for nine points now, steadily oscillating between the poles of Pop, Punk and Garage like a love letter written to the PIXIES by Jay Reatard and stamped by the FEELIES.
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