Review: SMOGTOWN – On Tour Not ! 10″



On Tour Not 10″
No Front Teeth Records

Time to whip your tissues because this is the final Bossa Nova & Goodbye of California´s most finest, the Führers of the New Wave, the unbeatable Snot cracks of SMOGTOWN. Delivered in the wieldy travel pillow format of 10″ we have a 2005 Live Recording straight outta Di Piazza´s / Long Beach here that´s solicitously spit into the drooling circle pit mob including all the early danceflooor killers (plus a double trouble couple of later ones being “Domesticviolenceland” and “Subdivision End Product”) that one could wish for.

A primate Beach Bong Out Blast inbetween CHANNEL 3, ADOLESCENTS and THE CROWD with a dash of THE DAMNED pissed on top, dressed to kill with juvenile prison tattoos, ugly bathers and waxed to the max surfboards, only leaving the eternal party for a quick meal at Oki Dogs.
Although not essential for the ones not being familiar with SMOGTOWN (which is strange enough) it´s a nice addition to any worthwhile Smog City Waver collection, a boozy last hurrah to the second wave heyday of O.C. Punk greatness.
In case you´re in a blue funk mode with suicidal tendencies now put the rope back into daddy´s garage because relief is there in person of GROSS POLLUTER, the future of the New Wave.






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