Review: PROTO IDIOT – Leisure Opportunity LP


Leisure Opportunity
Slovenly Recordings

Caution, massive use of foreign language, you´ll feel like being a 20th Semester Latin Lectureship student without money, friends and social balance !
PROTO IDIOT are the atonym of sobriety, the hinged-up “Bingo Masters Breakout” loo lid on Mark E Smith´s lavatory, cause of matrimonial trouble when being used by seasoned barroom athlete friends to pee standing up and spice the bowl with a monstrous pile of Nineties Garage Punk Poo.

They are the musical theory equivalent to a complete somersault with the swing hammock in the front yard of Rob´s House accompanied by the beat of total lunatics jangling in their microphones and clobbering their instruments while watching a meth consumer trying to ride a velocipede.
Goner Records hobnail heirs from Manchester who execute their onomatopoeia like a spavined freight depot whose economical impact is long gone, only to be recalled on the basis of used condoms and withered bubblegum in the gutter.
An absolute recommendation for anyone into FUGAZI and friends of new age German Pop poets with abortive Kafka borrowings.





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