Audiophiles: V/A – Backstreet Fever Vol. 5 – Yobbo Rocks & Flasher Grooves

backstreet fever 5 front.JPG

Backstreet Fever Vol. 5 – Yobbo Rocks & Flasher Grooves
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

Promised like three weeks ago it´s finally online now that I got my ass off the Erdnuss Flips ridden couch watching important Didi Hallervorden movies.
Is the last volume really like almost one year ago ? Man, time is running fast when you got this real life thing going, Volume Six should be avalibale in 2020 then, maybe earlier. Well, let´s stop the shit talking then. You wanna listen to music right ?
Well, go for it below the invisible “Read More” line, where you´ll find the tracklist and download links that will lead you to 7th heaven musical enlightment once again.
All in the name of flared trousers, lost teeth, broken noses, boogie with the bartender and long gone losers !
The download is split in two parts this time for maximum quality, so don´t forget to click both links in order to receive the full treatment. Feel free to share as well !

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