Review: RADIOHEARTS – Daytime Man EP


Daytime Man EP
Wanda Records

The fifth round of the Long Beach “Hit after Hit” Popcorn Bag Wonders and once again the air is getting rarer for their opponents. Don´t ask me why I haven´t written about those blokes yet, maybe it´s because the almighty Lord Rutledge has already said everything great that is to say about them, maybe it´s just my general work flow modus of only posting reviews every two to four months but at least here it is, my five cent contribution to the musical industry.

After already havin´ shot four Stukas over Brickfield Nights via the No Front Teeth Label those buzzcockian Sunnyboys have parked their tank full of heartmelting uppers in the Wanda Records lot to deliver the next 1977-1979 continuous handclap loop of Highschool Droput Pop with a NERVES hickey amplified by early Costello glass brick metal rims and a healthy dose of THE KNACK fumble beat (but with a proper haircut of course) for late night cruises to the secret petting cliffs of your hometown.
Two-stroke bobbysoxers will get their money´s worth as well with distinct CHORDS and CIRCLES references, which will lead them to such an experience of delirious joy that they´ll even forget their bygone youth era when listening to the VAPORS “New Clear Days” album was anathematized with corporal punishment.






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