Review: DEVIOUS ONES – Djarum Summers 7″


Djarum Summers 7″
No Front Teeth Records

Do your hear that clapping sound ? Do you smell the taste of blood ? Don´t worry, it´s not another AGNOSTIC FRONT record that I´m talking about, it´s just me spanking my own ass. Amado of the DEVIOUS ONES already got in touch with me many months and moons ago and though I´d already marked writing about them somewhere in the back of my unsorted mind I´ve always been unable to pull it off due to various circumstances and it fell through.
At least until now when Marco from NFT finally released this gem and sent it over forcing me to my long overdue contestation with the DEVIOUS ONES. Fortunately, as otherwise I would have regretted it.

Why ? Because the DEVIOUS ONES are, synthesizing on a SIMPLETONES “Tiger Beat Twist” structure, triggering off a hectically jerking Northern Ireland duel taking happen beyond the usual reference bounds in-between SHOCK TREATMENT and ELECTRO-MOTIVE FORCE with an overwhelming grousy but memorable voice letting it´s inner Devoto skunk loose.





2 thoughts on “Review: DEVIOUS ONES – Djarum Summers 7″

  1. Hey! Can you give me a contact email? You’ve reviewed some of our stuff and I’m super thankful, but can’t find a contact for you!


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