Review: REIZ – s/t LP


s/t LP
Spastic Fantastic Records / Kink Records

It´s time for the Nudist Colony Bingo-Hop, the latest craze from the secret land of pubic hair where jelly roll grabbing is explicitly permitted and invigorating harmony is the rule of the game. You don´t have to be ashamed of your body mass index here !
If the dancing Heidis on the frontcover got high on orange blossom oil and rocked their collective labrium to CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL is beyond my knowledge though.
One way or the other, it´s the inner appearance that counts and the one of REIZ is the definite antithesis to kermess society, church visits and incestuous boy/girl (from the same ten inhabitants one-horse town) gender meetings at the washing bays of Germany´s gas stations.

It´s a grumbly smoker´s cough / minger hybrid of Düsseldorf MALE binge drinking and “Paranoia In Der Straßenbahn” madhouse meeting.
Risikofaktor 1:X with a NAPALM quiff from degenerated randy BUTTOCKS / SS ULTRABRUTAL creatures out of Mannheim who still highly appreciate the importance of a nonchalantly dashed off “Deutsche Raus Aus Deutschland” essay.
Wheter it´s Eddies´s Salon or Jürgen Englers Party, REIZ are checkmating their combatants with a targeted headbutt and get in everywhere they want to.
It´s Punk, Rock´N´Roll and modernly unmodern music that would have kicked the KFC from the “In Die Zukunft” lineup list before Konnekschen Records would have been able to even count to ten.
(Internal text Links included for foreign readers above to at least understand a bit of the shit I´m talking about)







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