Review: GEE STRINGS – I´m So Gee LP


I´m So Gee LP
Ghost Highway / KOTJ / El Beasto Recordings (Spain)
Adrenaline Fix Music (France)
Wanda Records (Germany)

Old love doesn´t rust and the GEE STRINGS have always been one of mine since they´ve fired their first Chinese Rocks into the drivelling 1977 junkie romance crowd from their then High Society International label bunker back in 1996.
Now they´re back with their first full-length since “A Bunch Of Bugs” ten years ago and totally hold up to their big beat “Rip Her To L.A.M.F. Shreds” promise given on the “I Will Get You” Single on No Front Teeth in 2015 and on their first taste of delightful doom in this decade dating back to 2013 when they spit out a Split with Scott “Deluxe” Drake & the World´s Strongest Men.
Counting on those canapes I´ve expected nothing else but Ready Steady Yobbo Snubs honoured with the Cross of the Blitzkrieg Bop Order on the golden strap of Pirate Love.

Needless to say, that it´s clear on instant, that I won´t be disappointed as soon as the curtain has risen and the first chords kick in to the mouthwatering snot bucket opener “Trying To Forget” entranced by an almighty “Born To Lose” style guitar rumble. After that all hell is breaking loose and you´ll be bumped straight into a Punk Rock legend remembrance time trip crossing the disgruntled pouts of Thunders, Jones, Chrome and Dee Dee trapped in a glammy seventies starlight pinball machine with buckshee 1977 galore 3rd Generation Nation bonus rounds until your ears smolder.
The whole record is an endlessly passionate ode to all of you Heartbreakers and Glue-Sniffers in-between London, New York and Ostzwickede, who like to nosh on the RUNAWAYS cherry bomb in their physician-directed leisure time, send kisses to the attacking REZILLOS flying saucers and give a fiery fuck about their bad reputation.
If you´re still waiting for the eighth world wonder to emerge after that kind of nosebleed love affair you might as well just listen to their cover of the SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS classic “Situations” or howl your head off to “Punk Rock Heart” like you haven´t howled it off anymore since listening to “Poison Heart” of the RAMONES for the first time after your teenage big love left you.






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