Review: R.A.S. – Pas Le Temps De Regretter 12″


Pas Le Temps De Regretter 12″
Contra Records

France oh France, my dear fountain of earth´s eternal Oi! and Punk joys ! First of all you granted me the pleasure of a triumphant KOMINTERN SECT awakening with their “D´Une Meme Voix” MLP and now you´re making my cherry red heart shake and shivver with the return of R.A.S. joining the Contra Records family as well.
It´s as Jean-Jacques Rousseau said: “When life gives you anis, make Pastis out of it, get wasted, get rowdy and start a civil war with this backstreet nailbomb of record blastin´ through the speakers of your stereo !”.

Legendary for their “Rien A Signaler” EP from 1983 and their “84” LP from (you guessed it) 1984 on Fomb Records, who also put out the L´INFANTERIE SAUVAGE and LES CAFARDS EPs, these are the first (almost) new recordings from those Moonstomp Ruckers since having reformed in 2012. Almost new because all of the five songs have already been written in the Eighties and featured, in quite half-cooked quality though, on the “Derniere Chance” Live LP that UVPR put out in 2012 and the “Les Annees Fombs” Compilation CD on Bronze Fist.
Do the re-recordings deliver what the legend of R.A.S. promises and are they able to mess with the “Big Boots & Heavy Beat” short cropped generation of today´s bands ?
Fuck Yes, of course they are, this is the real deal ! Don´t Mess with the R.A.S., they are finally armed with a production doing their song´s power justice in blood spitting full throttle mode.
The opener “Jeunesse De La Honte” alone is maximum damage set to music, it´s a baseball bat cleaving your fontanelle open only leaving back an organ donor box for the rescue workers. Don´t worry though, followed by four star Haute Coiffure curb stone bite menu morsels like “Paradisiak” or “Ma Force” you´ll stop thinking about useless appendages like a jawbone anyway and voluntarily sup from the sippy cup only for the experience of this record.





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