Review: RAZORCUT – Common Enemy LP


Common Enemy LP
Contra Records

You´re stressed out because the plastic surgeon appointment for the aesthetic adjustment of your cheekbones has been postponed once again ?
You want to drastically reduce the latency time for your next dentist date because your nicotine yellowed teeth stumps and  beer coloured Bovver Boy tusks are in the urgent need of a surgical extirpation ?
Then this RAZORCUT follow-up to their “Rise Again” full-length debut from 2015 is the ultimately satisfactional solution you´ve searched for.

Without any kind of anaesthesia  all of your problems will be ditched within´ only half an hour by the means of the internationally exceptional and worldwide acknowledged Millwall Brick Beat therapy.
Here´s our promise to you: Even a full bottle of Domestos bleach on an empty stomach and its ramifications are only a lame assed duck compared to this gruff bared teeth display development of the LAST RESORT “Skinhead Anthems” on the basis of THE BUSINESS “Suburban Rebels” method having been grilled through THE STRIKE mill in the basement party room of Chopper Read.
Devised by renowned 4 SKINS scientists of the A.C.A.B. Company and fined with the distinct “Cut Here” Tattoo hallmark of excellence above the larynx this latest RAZORCUT treatment will make you clamber heretofore unknown sanitary Oi! Oi! That´s Yer Lot heights that even the meanwhile grizzled Bootboys of the Eighties lastly reached when they devitrified the local pub to the sound of BLITZ in 1982.





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