Review: GULAG BEACH – Apocalyptic Beats LP


Apocalyptic Beats LP
Phantom Records

This is Berlin for sure, Posh Boy L.A. as well and definitely the Northern California BODIES / CADAVERS / SHARP OBJECTS bermuda triangle too, so to say Sonoma Beat Boys In The Berlin Blvd. Age. What would Rodney Bingenheimer say and when will Modern Action Records be knockin´at the GULAG BEACH beerzantine palace doors offering to produce a handknippled fretwork vinyl special limited edition including a bottle of Berliner Luft schnaps and a set of tights to fashionably complete a proper bankrobbery outfit ?

By hook or by crook the MAR head-honchos should hurry up quick before Robbie Fields will be steppin´ in to finance his golden massage chair with the aid of the superior GULAG BEACH knock out talent.
Until a decision is finalized on that front those dear eastside beton brut beach boys are just doin´ what they can do best, strolling around the streets of East Berlin with a lethal dose of D.I. in their heads being on the qui vive for the ten most political present peroxided wig wearing wimps to string up on the local market square.
Beware you scoundrels of the world, don´t mess with GULAG BEACH, they´ve gone through Northern-Korea like a samurai sword through rotten butter and now they are acting globally with an enhanced musical method of mass destruction supplementing their hereditary California genotype of THE CROWD, ADOLESCENTS, SHATTERED FAITH and CHANNEL 3 with an “Idiots At Happy Hour” FREEZE injection creeping through GANG GREEN steeled F.U.´s circle pit veins.
Resulting in a multifunctionally applicable bunker breaking record GULAG BEACH are not only clocking in at the apex of their discography so far but also are your only solution for a possible final salvation facing the big bang of mankind.






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