Audiophiles: V/A – Terminal Teenage – Pubescent Powerpop Wonders & Petting Pervs


Terminal Teenage – Pubescent Powerpop Wonders & Petting Pervs
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

As the Record Reviews are still in the making (due to general laziness, time tunnels, parties with myself, cooking gulasch) I thought I´d throw in another compilation to satisfy your needs until further review update note.
This time I´m back again with what I can do and know best, teenage terrors and their stories of misconduct, noise annoys, adultery, hangovers and burst condoms.
Times of total levity when you thought you´ll stay sixteen forever, times when your main focus has been on a couple of pints,  a pile of records to annoy your parents with and staying out late waiting to be finally deflowered by Sheena, Roxy, Rhonda or one of her random girl gang friends.
Be part of the mission and revive your personal teenage kicks with this 28-track compilation monster of pure Powerpop virginity. Put your AGNOSTIC FRONT records aside and listen to some real music, take off your muscle shirt and pop in some candy to your hard-nosed soul, your wife will be thankful for it !

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