Audiophiles: V/A – Terminal Boredom Vol. 1 – TransWorld Punk & SnotPop


Terminal Boredom Vol. 1 – Trans-World Punk & SnotPop
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

Hell Yeah, the inauguration is coming tomorrow and therefore here´s the accurate final shot of Killed By Grandpa Punk and SnotPop treats before the drops to melt our lazy dumb ass existence…and what a shot is is !
As you lousy snorters didn´t make any suggestions but just consume what you are served I just compiled what I can compile best, 25 tracks in a whole, the last chance before apocalypse to grapple with classic lifetime themes like “Short Haired Rock And Roll” eloquently summarized by the TERRORWAYS, the autopsy techniques of KRIS METHE & THE MISTAKES or a quick “We´re Ok Sod You” Fuck Off kick to bourgeois squares and philistines by the other BLITZ.
Naturally the riddle of love is taking it´s toll too, multiple times, from different views. We´ve got the heartbreaks, men treaten bad to worse from their girlfriends with PETE THE MEAT AND THE BOYS “Look What She´s Doing To Me” and not even being phoned or just hanging´it up (back then when telephones could been hang up) via STRYKER “On The Phone”, the first delicate plant of teenage lust evolving with TEACHER´S PET “Meet Me At The Hot Dog Stand” and the MARC THOR BAND representing the opinion that plain out “Love Sucks”.
We´ve got Teeny Boppers like SPIDER with “Back To The Wall”, criminally overseen razorblade kissers like THE CRABS with “Victim”, BAD ACTORS with “Are They Hostile ?”, DEAF AIDS with “Bored Christine”, ZIPPS with “Friends”, Toby Redd who, like me, “Can´t Get A Job” and we´ve got two of my personal alltime favourites on here: The Rumblers from Ramsgate, RIVALS with “Weekdays”, goosebumps friends “…Everybody´s started the game now, growing up and looking older but you´ll never get me in row ´cause I..wanna stay young, in my mind, in my mind, in my mind…”   and the BODGERS with “Stutter” which will make you forget your wowowowowowowowowowowords.
As for the rest you´ll have to find out yourself below and in case not everything´s is going to blow I still accept compilation requests, not that anyone cares. The first one to request will receive a 7″ vinyl single on black vinyl that I don´t listen to anyway.




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