s/t LP
Wanda Records

Salute the New Wave of the New Wave of the New Wave with me for another fizzy flurry of JACK & THE RIPPERS Snot Pop adventures ringing at your front door backpacked with a double dosed pint of BUZZCOCKS sherbert crackers.
Comin´ from the land of milk and tax dodging these three chord and a half veterans are buffing up their punky crew cuts with a gloopy domestic handful of  NEGATIV “Glitter Hair Cream” and just the right amount of Howard Devoto veneration grumpily snarling in his Top Of The Pops lead pencil looking microphone.

So did you get the point about the applaudable apple pie beat of the ESCALATOR HATERS ?
Alright, once again for the non instant comprehenders to take notes: Although the ESCALATOR HATERS are serving their Swiss Punk version with hints to the swiss confederates school of 1977 Punk they are inevitably coming ashore on the magical marmite triangle inbetween London, Manchester and Derry, where Terri Hooley is recalling the glorious past of the LURKERS, UNDERTONES, RUDI and OUTCASTS history as part of a Peel Session request show followed by an epic afterparty taking the bun with THE NOW and CYBERMEN. Still, there´s one thing I´d really be amazed to witness, an ESCALATOR HATERS version of “Züri Punx” by SPERMA.
Well, maybe when they are playing the Wild At Heart in Berlin on the 13th of May this year. You should be definitely there to check to !






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