Top Of The Snots: PENNYCOCKS – Fake Gold & Broken Teeth LP



Fake Gold & Broken Teeth LP
Contra Records

Back in 1977 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS frantically raised the question “Where Have All The Bootboys Gone”, thirty-nine years and many worry lines later they finally receive the proper answer to satisfy their elementary needs by the PENNYCOCKS from Barcelona. Here they are, Latin Lover Bootboys from Catalonia cracking up bubble gum automats for their dear concubines and skipping out on a tab instead of beating up their opponents with handmade Millwall Bricks, allover handsome fellas going out for a Marlon Brando memorial spin through town on their rusty mopeds with the gold dust sound of music from the Fifties to the Seventies ringing in their ears.

These guys definitely aren´t the ones to be easily pigeonholed by the scene´s stuffy genre conservatives, they just rock it up and shake it up with a lunatic youth revolt trip through the outcast discotheque of Rock´n´Roll, Pubrock, Punk and Powerpop with decent hints of Junkshop Glam.
When invading the local suburban record shop their gang of upstarts is on the hunt and raising dust unearthing essential vinyl gems to distill their distinctive sound with.
VIBRATORS, UNDERTONES, COCK SPARRER ? Check ! Chiswick Chartbusters with the 101ers, STUKAS, LITTLE BOB STORY ? Naturally ! Gimme that Pubrock, Bovver Boogie and some EQUALS along, I´ll sharpen it with some of of Lux & Ivy´s “Big Beat From Badsville” vibes and add up a hammering Jerry Lee Lewis style Piano from the bar around the corner. All that´s left now to get the full picture of PENNYCOCKS brilliance is light up a Lee Brilleaux cigarette, inhale the original “Malpractice” tobacco spirit and heat up THE DAMNED flux-compensator with some New Rose energy.
Wait, there´s still one thing left to say at the close of this rave-up, otherwise I´d have to kick myself until the end of time. The artwork of this LP done by vocalist A.F. Marques himself is nothing but phenomenal, the Junkshop juvenile delinquent comic inspired whipped cream topping on an overall genius second PENNYCOCKS full-length effort.











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