Top Of The Snots: THE NOT AMUSED – Flat Broke MLP



Flat Broke MLP
Wanda Records

Put up or shut up, it´s no secret that I simply fell in love with the THE NOT AMUSED both on a personal and on a musical basis since having heard their “Flaunting Their Talents” 12inch back in 2007 and luckily being able to organize some gigs with them back in my tiny booking activity days. But seriously folks, even from an objective perspective, how could one not love them ?
Not only do they have the perfect musical suss belting out a monster mash blizzard of record collector´s Powerpop wet dreams shaking some punked up Teenage Treats action with the cream of the Gin Tonic intoxicated Mod Revival crop,  but also the appropriate style and attitude reflecting this music they play. A definite treasure that cannot be valued highly enough in times of bands really daring to wear tracksuits on stage !

So let´s dash right into the sounds of their brand new output and see why they´ve been able to substantiate their rampant 100 Club meets Bank Holiday weekend buzz once again.
One thing, that already has been obvious at their Berlin gig with THE JETZ last year, is musical progression (don´t laugh at me Kidnap, it´s really true) but one that is observing their tried and true special charme of fun and sarcasm paired with the ability to stimulate your cerebral pleasure centre with the perfect mixture ratio of memorable Punk & Powerpop tasty bits and naughty chords.
Examples anyone ? Alright you nitpickers, here are some:
Have you been to the Eastside lately ? The first song “Burn ´Èm Down” is taking right off at the anger point where the NEWTOWN NEUROTICS wanted to kick out the Tories and peaking in a JOLT driven upbeat sing-along a riot middle-finger response chorus to gentrification in Berlin.
On to “Modern” you´re right into a song that the CROOKS could have written as a third track bonus for their 1980 “All The Time In The World / Banging My Head” 7inch. If I wouldn´t be married already, I´d exchange rings with this song.
You want more ? There you go, both “Little War” and “Hit By A Bus” could have been featured on the MEMBERS´ “At The Chelsea Nightclub” LP and would have stand their ground top spot. Apart from that, anyone into the FAST CARS from Manchester and handclaps ? Then fasten your seatbelts !
“Spy On The Telephone” on his part is representing two of Powerpop´s main themes, telephones and jealous girls, of course those are not the only reasons why you´ll have to think of THE NERVES and THE BEAT,  although they are phoning from a british Fish & Chips snack stall with the owner playing “Don´t Let Go” from SEVENTEEN in the background.
So what´s left now are “Life Hit Me” and “Punx In Parkas”, just imagine the ORDINARYS cranking out some PURPLE HEARTS and CHORDS tunes before you´ll be tearing your house´s roof to THE NOT AMUSED keeping up with the old tradition of covering Powerpop´s “obscure” collectors items by finishing this record with a cover of the SLEEPERS´ “Angel In A Raincoat”. The bonafide topper of the best record that THE NOT AMUSED have recorded ´til date which actually is an almost impossible statement because they´ve used up all of those ten lousy points I´ve got to give in the past already.







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