Review: NERVE BUTTON – s/t LP


s/t LP
Wanda Records

Filthy jokes rolled up in a greasy bacon rind of magnificent FORGOTTEN REBELS bad taste and ambiguous TEENAGE HEAD sidenotes about genitals served with Junkshop handclaps from the local pawnbroker and a droned out copy of the REAL KIDS Debut LP at side.
If those guys are talking about a trip to the rig there´s no job related training event to be planned but an alcoholically indicated intoxication instead leading to an impressive sexual accident with the not necessarily attractive neighborhood milf.

Ad interim it´s remained open if the milf´s name might be Rhona Barrett but honestly, how shall one remember on the evidence of a Teenage Beer Drinking Party having gone totally out of hand, bourbon and weed.
What´s definitely not left without reply by the truckstop-toileteers NERVE BUTTON is the fact that their memory power and performance concerning the overdose sleaze & sludge of Handsome Dick Manitoba and his narc vassals from the Bowery is formidably developed and ticking like a pubic hair h-bomb only waiting to explode on your fleamarket stereo system.
As if that beauty of a picture wouldn´t be enough to get you on their Porky´s Punk stuffers already they´re also masters of their art when it comes to firing heavy duty riff raff SAINTS firecrackers straight out of the unknown depths of their musty bad boy chinks and right into the cheerleader´s dressing room where Scott Drake is already waiting for them with a massive pile of sugary scented bras and panties to get the real action started.





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