Review: HARD EVIDENCE – s/t LP


s/t LP
Rebellion Records

Dear Dr. Martens Community, wave goodbye to your hopes and dreams, the Iron Chin Streetpunk Title for 2016 goes to the Samba slippers wearing HARD EVIDENCE by K.O. in the ninth of twelve monthly rounds with all other contenders already having hit the canvas, still licking their wounds and taping their gigantic eye brow cuts.

Mercilessly setting their motörheaded and anti-social Chiswick Chartbuster pinpoint punches with the omnipresent “I´m On Fire” drive of a CHELSEA machine gun and the barroom brawl educated grit of DR. FEELGOOD, it´s obvious right into the first chords of the album starter “Yesterday´s News” that all following opponents for the rest of this year and even in some addition to it, will have no other chance then to throw in their tear soaked towel.
Honestly, what would you do, knowing that a handgrenade is right about to explode in your face ?
With the follow-up to their 2014 debut “Last One Standing” HARD EVIDENCE have sharpened their profile from a great band to an oustanding band, crunching any stupid scene or genre boundaries that are with the bare knuckle despite incorporated in their musical call to arms.
Backfired by the unique dirt & dust vocals of Ryan the band is continuing to walk and talk the “Cries Of A Nation” path once paved by New Jersey heroes THOSE UNKNOWN by naturally picking up the eternally memorable sound of STIFF LITTLE FINGERS anthems like “Alternative Ulster” or “Nobody´s Heroes” mixed in with the Decca days razorcut beat of SLAUGHTER  THE DOGS, the Hate & War force of THE CLASH and also and foremost the ability of having something scornful, yet not hopeless, to say by reflecting the shithole of a world gone mad through the glasses of society´s outcasts.
HARD EVIDENCE have written a record that you´ll be able to struggle and fight with, one that is able to revive your morale and lift you up when all you wanna do is scream, shout and cry.






One thought on “Review: HARD EVIDENCE – s/t LP

  1. You know, I need to give this release another shot. At first, I was disappointed because I really liked their first release.


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