Audiophiles: V/A – Ultimate Entertainment For The Mentally Disabled


Ultimate Entertainment For The Mentally Disabled
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

There ya go you lousy Snotters and Skinny Tie Swingers, it´s the third installment of the Vibrator Buzz Punk & Powerpop Compilation Series that will mae you shake you beer tits and bacon bellys. Exclusively endorsed by Joy Rider, Avis Davis and Jeff Hill we´re going to enhance your razorblade and polka dot knowledge with the MISSPENT YOUTH, GOING RED, AMBULANCE, EPPU NORMAALI and the JET STAXX´ “French Girls”. So stop wasting any more time listening to modern day crap recopies and get hooked on the originals below the dotted line.
Will there be more go getters like this posted on this, your least favourite blog ?
Of course, there´s only one thing left to say that you should remember before spiking your download mop head the next time: There are also Reviews of actual bands posted on here which a worth a read, worth a listen or even, Sid Vicious beware, worth spending your money on a physical recording medium that you can touch. Is that crazy or what ?








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