Review: THE PISSED ONES – Piss In Your Pocket LP


Piss In Your Pocket LP
Eat The Rat Records

I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly makes this band so different from countless like-minded acts of the ’77 revival imprint. All I know for sure is that you’d get hooked instantly within the first 20 seconds of the album, with the powerfully simple Wilko Jonson’esque riff of „Don’t You Get it“ blasting through the speakers. Having said this, it shouldn’t take you by surprise that THE PISSED ONES in my book are definitely making it onto the short list of the best contemporary bands outta Germany, if not certainly pulling ahead to the top of that list. Recently, this Dresden based outfit has just released their second release, „Piss In Your Pocket“, succeeding last year’s tape debut „All Pissed Up“, and now, with a proper LP under their belt, THE PISSED ONES once again successfully enter the rough-edged terrain of the late 70s UK punk explosion and deliver this sound in full effect.

Perhaps this band doesn’t have it all, but already a lot of it, ya know? With 8 of 10 tracks coming in under three minutes and the band making minimal use of chords, you could easily be misled into thinking you’ve heard this album thousands of times before – but actually you haven’t. THE PISSED ONES’ sound is hybrid of classy 70s powerhouse punkrock with nods to early 80s US KBD unknowns and to high-octane proto-punk of the 101’ers imprint – in short, a sound that could have fit right in with the Chiswick Chartbusters. What makes them really pull off this style is that they’ve understood that all those canonical Punk stalwarts were little more than poorly aping Chuck Berry’s swagger and „Piss In Your Pocket“ is no different.

In fact, there is little finesse in the power chord riff-a-mania on this album, but a little Buddy Holly-tinged chord progression going on, mixed with a showcase of their love of well-crafted THE PROFESSIONALS-styled sing-alongs, a bit of one-two punch pogoing with some rock’n’roll grandeur in the right place to soothe all the punk bite marks, and a couple of ass-shaking pubrock-riffs to boot. Nonetheless, THE PISSED ONES, while wearing a DAMNED influence like a(n 2,3“) badge of honour, find a way to put a great deal of themselves into the formula, because they take a familiar style of music and genuinely pump new life into it! „Mailorder“, for instance, is a fine demonstration of their songwriting prowess, blending heartfelt lamentations on the commercialization of punk culture with music that’s nothing short of energetic and triumphant. „FFF“ is a hyperactive shot of herky jerky punk that will leave you all dizzied and beer spilling. And that’s that, see, a lot of it comes down to vibrant riffing, strong vocals and flat-out fantastic songwriting.

Heck, if you had any clue, you wouldn’t still be reading but had concluded from the very first couple of chords that this album would be damn good. Granted, the overall production would have deserved a bit more punch, it seems, yet still delivers a vibrant sound of riff-driven boogie-mania that shows no interest in slowing down for stop signs or pedestrians in DEEP SHINING HIGH shirts. If you can imagine a slower, groovier, less frantic version of THE SHAKIN’ NASTIES or THE MOORAT FINGERS minus the quirky voice, you’ll be in the right ballpark. So, no need to buy grossly overpriced headphones, audiophile shithead! Just crank some shitty GDR-made speakers up really high instead and get a faint idea of how their live shows work – cheap fireworks, bad dancing and a faint scent of beer farts included.



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