Review: HARD EVIDENCE – s/t LP


s/t LP
Rebellion Records

Dear Dr. Martens Community, wave goodbye to your hopes and dreams, the Iron Chin Streetpunk Title for 2016 goes to the Samba slippers wearing HARD EVIDENCE by K.O. in the ninth of twelve monthly rounds with all other contenders already having hit the canvas, still licking their wounds and taping their gigantic eye brow cuts.
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Audiophiles: V/A – Ultimate Entertainment For The Mentally Disabled


Ultimate Entertainment For The Mentally Disabled
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

There ya go you lousy Snotters and Skinny Tie Swingers, it´s the third installment of the Vibrator Buzz Punk & Powerpop Compilation Series that will mae you shake you beer tits and bacon bellys. Exclusively endorsed by Joy Rider, Avis Davis and Jeff Hill we´re going to enhance your razorblade and polka dot knowledge with the MISSPENT YOUTH, GOING RED, AMBULANCE, EPPU NORMAALI and the JET STAXX´ “French Girls”. So stop wasting any more time listening to modern day crap recopies and get hooked on the originals below the dotted line.
Will there be more go getters like this posted on this, your least favourite blog ?
Of course, there´s only one thing left to say that you should remember before spiking your download mop head the next time: There are also Reviews of actual bands posted on here which a worth a read, worth a listen or even, Sid Vicious beware, worth spending your money on a physical recording medium that you can touch. Is that crazy or what ?
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Review: THE PISSED ONES – Piss In Your Pocket LP


Piss In Your Pocket LP
Eat The Rat Records

I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly makes this band so different from countless like-minded acts of the ’77 revival imprint. All I know for sure is that you’d get hooked instantly within the first 20 seconds of the album, with the powerfully simple Wilko Jonson’esque riff of „Don’t You Get it“ blasting through the speakers. Having said this, it shouldn’t take you by surprise that THE PISSED ONES in my book are definitely making it onto the short list of the best contemporary bands outta Germany, if not certainly pulling ahead to the top of that list. Recently, this Dresden based outfit has just released their second release, „Piss In Your Pocket“, succeeding last year’s tape debut „All Pissed Up“, and now, with a proper LP under their belt, THE PISSED ONES once again successfully enter the rough-edged terrain of the late 70s UK punk explosion and deliver this sound in full effect.

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Audiophiles: V/A – Backstreet Fever Vol. 3 – Borstal Boys & Rebel Rousers

Backstreet Fever 3 Front

Backstreet Fever Vol. 3 – Borstal Boys & Rebel Rousers
Vibrator Buzz Compilation Series

…and the Buzz goes on with the third installment of the Backstreet Fever series, another raucous ramma lamma collection of glittery Glam, blue-eyed and broken bottled Bovver Rock and Discotheque Can Can mayhem ranging from classics like the FACES and SWEET to the pinball loving wizard amazon Vicky Fury,  the bubblegum booster par excellence Nicky Bulldog, the american feather boa boom boom of the BRATS and many more inbetween.
Already in the works again is Vol. 4 with the likes of BLACK FIRE, PAPER LACE, BRUTUS and Fatty Lumpkin. So now you know what to watch out for next week !
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