Review: DAMAGED ONES – The First Kiss LP


The First Kiss LP
New Age Records

TURNING POINT, UNBROKEN, STRIFE, some randomly chosen names of abstinent bustle boxers with XXX-Psychosis from the New Age label roster preaching an edge that I give a fuck about.
Owed to the above (maybe ignorant and single-sided) point of view and due to the fact that mentioned blokes and their musical relatives aren´t a part of my personal musical universe at all, I even didn´t know that New Age Records is still active and honestly couldn´t have cared less, at least so far.
It´s not that I´ve stopped enjoying my daily package of Gauloises Blondes now, it´s because the DAMAGED ONES are the total antithesis to mentioned ideologically charged label mates and for sure the only band on their label to open a song called “Time To Shred” with a heartfelt six pack burp serenade before dropping into the pool with an old school JFA, BLACK FLAG, CODE OF HONOR Skate Punk blast-off  that will make your beer bong glow. Let´s have a Prosit Hooray for the boys here !
However the both mysterious and funny label decision may have been achieved, considering the primarily californian shaped old school class of Punk and Hardcore that these boys are belting out and exercising to the point, I can easily get along with that.
You just can´t go wrong with a bunch that would have been able to both get the pass inbetween AGRESSION and YOUTH BRIGADE on the “Someone´s Gonna Got Their Head Kicked In Tonight” Compilation and inbetween LOS OLVIDADOS and FREE BEER on the “Nothing´s Quiet On The Western Front” gathering on Alternative Tentacles.
Earning an extra box of back-slappers for their references to the GERMS and CIRCLE JERKS as well the DAMAGED ONES are built for breaking your rips on four wheels in an empty pool.
Even if this record would have been released on the Hare Hare Krishna Krishna label Equal Vision Records, I´d have enlisted myself to be scraped of that pool´s wall by the emergency to the sound of “F.O.A.D.” nevertheless.






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