Review: CRAZY SQUEEZE – To The Lonely Ones / Red Rosie 7″


To The Lonely Ones / Red Rosie 7″
Pure Punk

The desperately awaited fourth installment of the CRAZY SQUEEZE genuine Pub Music brand finally rose from the shabby speakers of my stereo with it´s mighty roar two days ago, generating that one and only, pure and peerless essence of teenage anthem magic with the kick off track “To The Lonely Ones” on instant.
Not only are they taking you on a quantum leap back to the Hammersmith Odeon on the 3rd of July, 1973 to be bitten by the Spiders From Mars and transform into Ziggy´s stardusted ghost haunted by rabid Diamond Dogs but also are creating that profoundly honest atmosphere of MOTT THE HOOPLE calling up all the young Boogaloo dudes, those army of abandoned freaks and forgotten losers, to stand up and be seen.
Even though it may sound overstated, you can feel, that this is not only a plain song but a statement, something to connect with and hold on to. It´s an ode that would have embraced the option to change your life in the same manner as the ones mentioned above if being telecasted or aired on the radio back then. At least this is what music shall provoke and it´s great to hear a band still sharing this intention.
Anyway, let´s leave that weepy nostalgy road behind and have a doped up U-Turn to the flipside now. Picking up the phone for a down & dirty round of five finger roulette we finally get to know the # 1 Hot Tramp Masturbation Queen “Red Rosie” via a rough cut Wham Bam Rucker equipped with massive Jesse Hector sideburns, clapping it´s hands to the Urban Guerilla Rock of THIRD WORLD WAR while still trying to stand tall after an eighty-ounce dose of Jägermeister.
Praise this genius, buy that record, get your nutsack tattooed with that ape logo of them and watch out for their upcoming full-length and Euro Tour in autumn which is sure to be more fun than a night out with Mick Jagger in his High-Hey-Days covered by champagne sprinkled D-Cup groupies.







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