Reissue Rumble: CITY LIMITS – To Hull And Back LP



To Hull And Back LP
Queen Mum Records

Watch out all you Powerpop Ultra Fanatics & 1979 Heartattack Rhythm Lovers ´cause after having elevated your skinny tied soul to seventh heaven top floor with the incredible full-length vinyl comeback of THE JETZ last year, Queen Mum Records is back with another masterstroke that you´ll rub your hands and wet your pants for.
Talk is of the legendary CITY LIMITS from Leeds, best known for their unbeatable Powerpop Manifest “Morse Code Messages” from their lone 1979 three track 7″ wonder of the same name fetching up prizes up to 500 Euros as of now.
A treasure chest tailor-made for Kidnap and his dedicated labelwork to dig deeper in and start the hunt for more hidden diamonds that even the most nerdy collector hasn´t dared to dream of yet while cuddling his near mint Clive Culbertson and SUDDEN FUN originals.

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The Raunch & Riot Of The CRAZY SQUEEZE: A Euro Tour Report by Sir Frankie Delmane


Fanzines, bloody hell ! It´s almost nine months ago now that I´ve tried multiple times at and at various resources to find a warm and cozy paper issue place for this CRAZY SQUEEZE tour report by Sir Frankie Delmane to creep in and be taken care of just to splendidly run aground.
Either I got offered the page space of a shopping list (if you don´t buy more than a piece of cheese and just a little salami) or I´ve been informed about guest writers not being asked for, sometimes I even got no answer at all or things just didn´t get sorted out the right way.
Nevertheless I still think that this tour report should be seen and read as it is perfectly echoing the passion and enthusiasm of the CRAZY SQUEEZE on stage. That “Glorious Pub Junk Glam’n’Roll providing you a rare and special kind of bliss only comparable to being laid to rest in the cuddly womb of a wet five dollar whore.” is really dripping out of every single letter noted down here.
As the CRAZY SQUEEZE have just released their “To The Lonely Ones / Red Rosie” 7inch on Pure Punk and will be coming back to Europe this autumn, I thought that this report may be a fine taster for all the undecided to be discipulized into unrestrained outta control CRAZY SQUEEZE junkies with, even despite such dumb and childish things like actuality.
Last but not least a million thanks to Frankie for his work writing this !

crazy squeeze 3
The Crazy Squeeze- the proverbially postmodern pub rock masterpiece, took our show on the road this past November, bringing our brand of direct hit hooks- a sonic hybrid of our musical heroes from The Boys UK, Little Bob Story, Heartbreakers, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Stooges, Chuck Berry and Little Richard- merged with subtle hints of R&B, Soul, hillbilly music, and some shots of noise for anarchistic fullness- to towns across Europe, in an effort to entertain and galvanize those interested in having a momentary fling with catharsis, transcendence, and the overall need to get drunk, stupid, and sloppy. Three and a half weeks of nightly debauchery, debasement, and self-destruction seemed to lead the way, as we crawled and scrapped through language barriers, dietary challenges, traffic transgressions, and the general quest for some sort of avoidance of our everyday lives back home in Angry America. We were well-oiled, ready, packed and pleased to be going places few of us have been, some of us have seen many times, yet all would count as new adventures for a lifetime.
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Review: CRAZY SQUEEZE – To The Lonely Ones / Red Rosie 7″


To The Lonely Ones / Red Rosie 7″
Pure Punk

The desperately awaited fourth installment of the CRAZY SQUEEZE genuine Pub Music brand finally rose from the shabby speakers of my stereo with it´s mighty roar two days ago, generating that one and only, pure and peerless essence of teenage anthem magic with the kick off track “To The Lonely Ones” on instant.
Not only are they taking you on a quantum leap back to the Hammersmith Odeon on the 3rd of July, 1973 to be bitten by the Spiders From Mars and transform into Ziggy´s stardusted ghost haunted by rabid Diamond Dogs but also are creating that profoundly honest atmosphere of MOTT THE HOOPLE calling up all the young Boogaloo dudes, those army of abandoned freaks and forgotten losers, to stand up and be seen.
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Talking In The Canteen: LOS PEPES


The Chain Smokers´ Psycho Therapy

Transnational Powerpop Jetset for the advanced with over two packets of fags a day infectiously huffin´and puffin´ their way through the golden tarred Good Vibrations orbit by riding on the misty smoke wave of northern irish Teenage Heroes like PROTEX, STARJETS, UNDERTONES or RUDI additionally impregnated with a strong TESTORS vibe for 77 rounds of “Big Time” Up & Down including a maximum KNOTS action guarantee.
An ultimate formula for success exclusively exemplified to me by Ben Perrier, vocalist, consonantist and long haired guitarist for these seven wonders of the shake appeal world. For your very own private party time use accompanied by some belts of Asbach Spritzer I strongly recommend to not only achieve their actual full-length “All Over Now” but their whole discography as well. So tweeze your eyebrows, bop your head and get zooed out to the heartattack rhythm of LOS PEPES.
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