Top Of The Snots: TEN O SEVENS – s/t



You´re eyes don´t cheat, it´s Bandcamp bloody digital only and that´s not the band´s fault but rather a shame for every record label that is because this record should pressed straight onto vinyl and pryed out of the TEN O SEVENS´ hands within´ 24 hours time. Yes, I know that the band isn´t really active anymore, that a record needs promotion via live gigs and bullshit but listening to those songs on here I can only say to stick that yadda yadda yadda up to the dark side of your moon dear label owner. Go get the fuck out of your comfort zone and release that thing, at least in a small limited run for nerds like me and you who´s reading this.

That said, let´s get down to the points of this cannonade from the burning streets of London having spraypainted “Hate & War” all over the back of it´s rampaged leather jacket while as it´s worn out creepers are boppin´ up and down to the sound of “Staring At The Rudeboys” sending out 101 keys to your heart before handing you the Kleenex to dry your tears of joy.

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Review: LES SUZARDS – s/t LP


s/t LP
Wanda Records

Are you breaking into shivvers, feeling those chills excessively rattling your bones and jerking your muscles, involuntary and almost spastic ? Are you suffering from effusive perspiration always leading you to chugalug unhealthy amounts of beverages with an alcohol content way above 40% ?

If so, don´t worry, you´re lucky, it´s neither Ebola nor Dengi, actually you´re infected by Algomania, that reckless Teenage Fever initially having occured in Rouen, France in the year of our Snot 1977, bread and spread by the legendary DOGS, four marauding rowdy rockers with too much class for the neighborhood and impressive viral distribution properties which have now infiltrated the LES SUZARDS´ stem cells as well generating a new evil hearted breed of classy french Punk Rockers for Linda to shake with.

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