Review: PMS 84 – s/t 7″


PMS 84
s/t EP
Nightrider Records

Some people might say that this ain´t music but a biological weapon of mass destruction set to noise. Yeah shithead, you´re absolutely right, they are a blood splattered massacre driven forward by a deafening bass guitar that really can´t be described as an instrument but rather like the sound of grenades dropping into your trimmed dooryard and fronted by a rabid madman puking out salves of hate instead of singing.

What´s great about PMS 84 is the fact that they´ve got the toxic straddle to even turn the most soft spot RUBINOOS romantic into a raging Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne B52 Bomber from the shoals of hell by transforming the motives behind the pure and unfiltered disgust of bands like DISCHARGE or THE VARUKERS into an actual modern time transcript of the apocalypse to come. The brutal truth packaged in an artwork that is as impressive and memorable as on any CRISIS record in it´s simplicity.

A coincidence that´s right on the point, as PMS 84 are also imprinting their sound with the forlorn darkness that characterized  CRISIS but apart from that are taking a totally different approach, one that´s bare-knuckle, simple and effective like a jaw breaking circle pit slab by URBAN WASTE, one that´s bumping between the poles Riot City and No Future Records in the dehumanizing speedblast of CRUCIFIX. Peace or Annihilation, No Masters No Slaves, here it´s all packed in one for the next generation of “A Country Fit For Heroes”.






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