Review: MANIAC – Demimonde LP


Demimonde LP
Taken By Surprise Records / La-Ti-Da Records

Welcome back on board all you drunks, freaks and faggots ! Wave goodbye to your pubes and dreams ´cause you´ve checked in for a bumpy flight to Party City, homebase of MANIAC and departure point for a Tour De Punk unicycle ride nonchalantly shot from the hip with an almost brassy off pat level of sleaziness and ease.

Tune in for a middle finger Snot Pop Operetta with cubistic spandex trousers rebuilding the glorious history of professional beer can stabbing and the frivolous power of the walrus moustache movement created by four visionaries (whose past in rowdy rockers like CUTE LEPERS, SUSPECT PARTS, CLOROX GIRLS, LA DRUGZ, GIRLS or DEADLY WEAPONS could and should already fill shelves in the epicurean section of human history alone) who set forth to kick that damn C-Major Scale in it´s boring ass and create a final musical monument of blood, bogy and banana splits instead.

Within´ the scope of this mission they´re first dismantling the concentrate of their prior work into it´s trippy molecular L.A. Punk components ala WEIRDOS or EYES before finally infusing the whole rotten neuron bomb soup into Leonard Graves´ veins Re-Animator style and watch him mutate into a befoddled super soldier with suspender tights wanking towards Third World War waving the Pink Flag of WIRE against the enemy noise annoying BUZZCOCKS troops. Indeed, just like this record, a battle of epic proportions ultimately imploding in all it´s glory at the Rodney Bingenheimer M.A.S.H. for coiffure-accidents.

P.S. Having talked about suspender tights, there´s a new video sex loaded 7″ entitled Midnight Kino / Precision Accuracy out on Modern Action Records as well, just in case you wanna intensify your penchants on that score.







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