Review: SUBCULTURE – Ain´t Done Nothing Wrong EP


Aint Done Nothing Wrong EP
Contra Records

Steeled by bovver, beans and burnt toast, it´s time for another session of potbelly Ruck´n´Roll muscle stretching at the Cambridge Antisocial Boxing Hall with local Oi! legends SUBCULTURE stinging like a rabid bee infected by a seriously rotten case of “Anarchy In The U.K.”, breastfed by “Flares ´n Slippers” and raised on the dead end dole queue streets of Thatcher Britain.

First being featured on the “Oi! Oi! That´s Yer Lot” Compilation with their classic ripper “Stick Together”, SUBCULTURE released their one and only Single “Loud & Clear” in 1983 on the Essential Records label before disappearing into dust, leaving back spiked and shaven headed collector circles falling into despair due to the search for said 45 rpm treasure chest of Oi! Punk.

In 2010 the group got back together to work on the retrospective “From Herbert Street to The 100 Club” CD Compilation, followed by the selfreleased “Just Play The Music” EP in 2012 and the “Blood & Dust / Voice Of The Young” 7″ on Contra Records in 2013, both showing a band passionately extending their genuine old sound with new elements and ideas recalling the best of Razor Records times and bands like RED LONDON, GUITAR GANGSTERS or THE GUTTERSNIPES.

With their latest output they are confidently continuing with their way drawing a high-proof Bouquet of Ale for Saturday´s Heroes and pub brawl offenders home-brewed with the first two volumes of the COCKNEY REJECTS “Greatest Hits”, matured in Teenage Warning oak barrels and enhanced with a royally pissed SEX PISTOLS bite including that nagging Johnny Rotten snarl.

The basic aspects making this single special in contrary to their various contemporaries having a “comeback” as well are that SUBCULTURE still have the feel for the ravages of our time, picking up actual socio-cultural problems in their lyrics and pairing those with new songs, successfully trying to incoporate a new sound in their own old roots instead of resting on slowly rotting laurels waiting for their pension to come.

In case you wanna expand your SUBCULTURE Collection beyond the new singles, I highly recommend the “Early Years” LP having been put out by Common People Records last year. A bonafide belter that, if it would have been released back then, would have shaken the scene like a major earthquake and meanwhile be considered the same as classic as BLITZ with their “Voice Of A Generation” album. The album is still available on the SUBCULTURE Homepage as well as in the Contra Records Shop and Incognito Records.









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