Review: PERIPHERIQUE EST – Ring Est 12″ + Tout Les Matins 7″

Cover-periph-est-bigPERIPHERIQUE EST
Ring Est 12″
Modern Action Records


Cover-periph-est-2PERIPHERIQUE EST
Tout Les Matins 7″
Les Disques Panique

Woop Woop, as the ruthless wheeled walker young guns we at the Buzz Headquarter are, having our fingers on the pulse of time constantly, we´re going ultimately up to date now by pinning down a review for two records having been released in february and october of 2015. So why are we doing so, what´s this craze concerning PERIPHERIQUE EST about and which are the reasons for such flippant juvenility about ?

The reason is that there is absolutely no craze going on about PERIPHERIQUE EST, which is an unpardonable crime owed to the cruel fate of a hype infested Punk Scene that, in big parts, doesn´t only have much interest in hard working bands existing beyond the bloated bubble of the daily tabloid bands but also has lost the incent and excitement to search for the diamonds among the coal on it´s own.

I´m aware of course that this review won´t even change a bit of said dilemma and at best maybe prompt one person to achieve their records but that´s when my job with this little blog is done.

With that said, it´s enough whining now and time to focus on the sixth and seventh addition to the PERIPHERIQUE EST Discography having touched the outridden needle of my record player since their “Demos” Debut LP in 2005.

Coming from Belgium with a distinctive sound strictly stuck inbetween 1977-1978, the references naturally coming to mind first are the Up & Down adventures of the royally rotten “Bloody Belgium” pioneer family of gob but although the PERIPHERIQUE EST sound is indeed gnawn on by the RAXOLA “Old Rat” as well as infiltrated with THE KIDS “This Is Rock´n´Roll” furiousity and the “Sweet Rot” of HUBBLE BUBBLE´s “Pogo Pogo” as interpreted by D.D. Mac Off, the main razorblades stuck in the heart of their sound are definitely coming from their neighbours on the left side of the safety-pinned waffle, which for geography losers is France.

Drawing every ace from LES OLIVENSTEINS to ELECTROCHOC in Riff Raff Ravagers like “Ville Usine” on the 7inch or “Amoureux D’Une Merde” and “C’est Go!” on the 12inch they are also easybeatly  taking sidesteps to STRYCHNINE and ASPHALT JUNGLE with oustanding snotrockers like “L’Herbe Va Te Manger” or “Tout Les Matins” and even come to DOGS “Too Much Class For The Neighborhood” fame with “Vaurien” including a hammering piano.

If PERIPHERIQUE EST would have been brazenly added to the tracklist of the all french KBD Compilation # 200, even the most nerdy overweight record collector scumbag would be jetsetting Europe now to get a hold of every single vinyl inch from this band. So why shouldn´t you ?








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