Review: LA FLINGUE – Piss-Tape Zero-Quatre 12″


Piss-Tape Zero-Quatre 12″
Wanda Records / P.Trash Records (Vinyl Version)
Crapoulet Records / No Glory Records (Tape Version)

Still gettin´ high taking a nip from grandma´s secret Klosterfrau Melissengeist stock and stealing her rheumatoid arthritis medication like a pitiful mediocre Darby Crash copycat ?

Then improve to the next level and step right “In Die Zukunft” by starting to snort the LA FLINGUE own hallicugenic Idiot Box mixture of klebstoff and piss to have your brain blowjobbed im Politbüro by a double-headed Hamster Norvegicus.

Homecooked in Marseille with a D.I.Y. chemistry kit for starters from Germany´s leading manufacturer ROTZKOTZ this very special recipe is definitely bound to make you kaputt at a very young age and cut the spendings on retirement homes drastically by augmenting the perfect binary chemical Konnekschen between the GASOLINE “Radio Flic” and the KFC Porno-Pop approved “Kriminaltango”, sure to shut down your cerebral system in “Machine Gun Etiquette” velocity.

Apart from those vile scientific surface facts, getting in depths with LA FLINGUE, right down the “Street Where Nobody Lives” and into their “Samen im Darm” poetic side, will reveal that these blokes are masters of their genre sharing the same amphetamine thrilled superbad sense of humour as no-count fuck-ups like THE ROTTERS, ANGRY SAMOANS, EBENEZER AND THE BLUDGEONS or JOHN VOMIT & THE LEATHERSCABS, blending it with the dental plaque Euro-Snot of  the RUDE KIDS, HUBBLE BUBBLE and P.F. COMMANDO on a regular hoosegow-visit basis from LES OLIVENSTEINS, the “Zurück Zum Beton” Bogy Boogie of MALE and ABWÄRTS while radiating and masturbating with the cumstains of THE AUTHORITIES. Sounds like music for pleasure to me, they really should be doing a cover of Piefke & Pafke on their  Poo-Poo Zero-Cinq and blow the Eurovision Song Contest.

Fertig, das wars Arschloch !







Wed, March 16th FRA-Lyon “Le Trokson”

Thu, March 17th FRA-Paris “La Méchanique Ondulatoire”

Fri, March 18th BEL-Kortrijk “The Pit’s”

Sat, March 19th GER-Düsseldorf “AK 47”

Sun, March 20th GER-Recklinghausen “König-Ludwig-Str. 50” (rehearsal room gig)

Mon, March 21st GER-Hamburg “El Dorado” (Gaussplatz)

Tue, March 22nd GER-Fürth “Kunstkeller o27”

Wed, March 23rd GER-Munich “Unter Deck”

Thu, March 24th GER-Leipzig “Fischladen”

Fri, March 25th GER-Berlin “Cortina Bob”

Sat, March 26th GER-Kassel “Goldgrube”

Sun, March 27th GER-Tübingen “Epplehaus”


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