Review: SHANDY – Bish Bosh Bash 7″


Bish Bosh Bash 7″
Contra Records

It´s the return of the fever tree jagged Bovver Bandicoots from Down Under (the bar) with a prophesying Boogie Woogie Double-A Side for their “Tough Pucker” Album, meanwhile having hit the streets and Trevor White´s secret basement party room as well, with the objective of overstraining your artificial senior hooly hip joint in a rush of teenage excitement by trying to do nutzoid teenage dance moves while being totally zonked out on cheap shots of crocodile naphtha hooch.    

With their striped nicotine imbrued cardigans being worn slightly above the belly button in strict Sharpie Style those lovely lads of SHANDY are abrasively scrubbing the Nederglam inheritance kettle of LEMMING with Bon Scott´s exhuberant chesthair rug on the title track whereas “Rock N Roll Soldiers” is blowing up the local highschool´s girls toilet to the rattlesnake shake sounds of Lemmy´s wart rejoicing to the cannon beat of Dee Dee Ramone´s  hard-nosed Chain Saw infantry commando.






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