Top Of The Snots: MISCALCULATIONS – Kill The Whole Cast LP


Kill The Whole Cast LP
FDH Records / P.Trash Records / Rockstar Records

It´s hot in this post-nuclear stoneage matrix, parched desert landscapes as far as the eye can reach, only broken by the view on blood-smeared arenas where the unpennied beggars are mutilating each other for a piece of bread while the drones of war are minatory hovering above their districts only waiting for their target acquisition commando note. The world the MISCACULATIONS are conceptulaizing with their songs is abysmally vicious and could hardly be any scarier or more frightening but although it may facile appear futuristic actually isn´t that far away from the reality of our modern world where hate is sold as hope, where victims are distorted into parasites, where we´re closing our eyes when being faced with squalor until it´s knocking on our front door, just to even then derogatively slam it in the face of the less and non fortunate.

Inimitably capturing this tension and atmosphere of hate, digust and alienation on their meanwhile third album the MISCALCULATIONS are even transcending their prior output which I really thought would be an almost impossible thing to do.

The scolding stakkato-echolot-reverb of Marco´s voice is constantly spitting out traces of contempt and grief, the guitars are predatory slitting wrists at secondly intervals while haunting voices from the back are reading out the bill of indictment to humanity lapsing into barbarism and trancing clear synthesizer-lines are asking for a dance on the funeral pyre until the sun is ultimately exploding to erase this plague from the universe.

Asking for musical comparisons I really have to say that it would be an infamy even trying to do so as this record really is a class of it´s own whose sound can only be described by the pictures popping up in your head while listening to it. You´ve read about mine so just head down to the record store, buy this record and draft your own.

At least, if you´re 13 years old and still need something to jump-start your imagination, have a look at the Reviews I did for the MISCALCULATIONS – Silent Defence 7″ and the A View For Glass Eyes LP.





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