Review: LOS PEPES – And I Know / Say Goodbye EP


And I Know / Say Goodbye EP
Wanda Records

Soon ripe, soon rotten and only ten months behind it´s actual release date it finally happened, the review for the latest teenage vinyl treat by your favourite international handsome dicked Powerpop Overthrowers LOS PEPES adding another caviare cruncher to their discography by messing with the “Smart Boys” sound of the STARJETS and teengenerating the whole glorious Good Vibrations history of PROTEX, RUDI, TEARJERKERS, MOONDOGS, XDREAMYSTS and THE UNDERTONES through the “Borneo Jimmy” bullhorn of the DICTATORS cheekily nobbling those nymphomaniac “All Kindsa Girls” from the REAL KIDS backstage room to perform some tangible KNOTS “Action” instead of sleeping with the TV on with a stale beer open.

Picking up with the primal force of early UK Punk like the WASPS, STUKAS or EATER and incorporating the forelorn and frustration ridden yet hopeful spirit of mentioned Northern Ireland bands they are telling modern day war stories of despair actuated and fired up by the BUZZCOCKS harmonies in their heads always able to convert into doing the boob and Raggae Raggae with mentioned REAL KIDS or the highly charged and in the red Search & Destroy boozer symphony of “Go Girl Crazy” and “Manifest Destiny” only living for girls, cars and loud guitars. Seductive and irresistible like a beer pong final in a chainsmoker´s blow bong between Terri Hooley and Marty Thau. Now that you´ve been enlightened be sure to catch these fellas on the euro road between May the 19th and June the 4th and have a look out for their second full-length “All Over Now” bound for release on Wanda Records in May as well.








LOS PEPES – Ain´t Over Now European Tour Dates

Thu, May 19th FRA-Paris “La Méchanique Ondulatoire”

Fri, May 20th FRA-Toulouse “Forbidden Zone”

Sat, May 21st ESP-Valles / Asturias “Asociación Bocanegra”

Sun, May 22nd ESP-Bilbao “Satélite T” (early gig!)

Sun, May 22nd Northern Spain *** STILL AVAILABLE *** (get in touch with

Mon, May 23rd Spain *** STILL AVAILABLE *** (get in touch with

Tue, May 24th ESP-Madrid “Gruta 77”

Wed, May 25th ESP-Zaragoza “La Lata De Bombillas”

Thu, May 26th FRA-Lyon “Le Trokson”

Fri, May 27th FRA-Besancon “Bar de l’U”

Sat, May 28th GER-Tübingen “Epplehaus”

Sun, May 29th GER-Munich “Unter Deck”

Mon, May 30th AUT-Vienna “Arena Beisl”

Tue, May 31st CZE-České Budějovice “Velbloud Music Bar”

Wed, June 1st GER-Kassel “Goldgrube”

Thu, June 2nd GER-Berlin “Schokoladen”

Fri, June 3rd GER-Hamburg “Der Clochard”

Sat, June 4th GER-Essen “Freak Show”

Sun, June 5th Belgium / Northern France *** STILL AVAILABLE *** (get in touch with



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