Review: BOYS ORDER – Tomorrow Dancing / Danger 7″


Tomorrow Dancing / Danger 7″
Secret Mission Records

Sugar, ah, honey, honey, you are my candy girl and you´ve got me wanting you with your sweetest sound of Belinda Carlisle cheating the time by doing flirty dirty things with the good ole Chipmunks Gang in an acidic yellow paddle pond overspillingly filled with pink strawberry pudding while Ferris Bueller is having his leopard vested day off on TV.

With that considered as the tip of the hat it is please let me tell you that you sheenated Rokket twisters just shot Kim Wilde´s wiggling hips through the milky way in a Josie Cotton synth invasion spaceship myoelectrically controlled by DE CYLINDERS and their co-pilot Freddie Mercury heading for the last stop galaxy of the “Beauty And The Beat” where IVY & THE TEACHERS are running their myth-enshrouded Hotel Maxi for the Suburban Love Outsiders of that boring achromatic modern world we all despise so much because it hasn´t got any room left for stalwart comic book heroes like us opposing the attack of the giant ants with our federates of the Kung Fu Girls.






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