Reissue Rumble: AIRSHIP – Get Out, Take Your Mother With You / Gimme A Can Of Spray Paint 7″


Get Out, Take Your Mother With You / Gimme A Can Of Spray Paint 7″
Meanbean Records

Jeez, this is an essential and fully realized single re-release packed with two pub rock/“fake” punk songs that draw from JET STAXX, BUZZ and ALBERTO Y LOST TRIOS PARANOIAS. It is nothing short of puzzling to me that this 7“ has hitherto not been reissued on vinyl, except for the odd bootleg or comp here and there, because both songs are stellar. But first things first: since 2014, it has been good to have Martin over at Québec-based Meanbean Records putting some classic stuff together—no matter whether a heavily sought-after monumental powerpop-retrospective (check the upcoming 7“ by the REGULAR GUYS) or a totally unknown KBD-obscurity (that WIPERS record should be right up you alley!)—, cranking out old material as good as ever. He apparently likes pissing away money on records just as much as Sing Sing did and fills the void after they sadly called it quits.

AIRSHIP were just way ahead of the curve, as proven by the super catchy glam-punk-butchery of this record, so we really should be grateful to Meanbean for their pockets being deep enough to pick up those obscure UK-based goofballs whose ’79 single has unfortunately remained their sole output. On the a-side, they perform the gloriously wordy and thrilling punky powerpop anthem “Get Out, Take Your Mother With You” that will probably leave you flabbergasted for the b-side. And boy, you’re right, the flip does not disappoint. “Gimme A Can Of Spray Paint” will grab your inner teenage heart (Dirk told me that his readership consists almost exclusively of old farts, hence the allusion) and get you all misty-eyed. Did you really expect to escape the aggression on display here? The thuggish attitude and ill will of this powerhouse-punkrock-ruffian is very likely to have you punching a hole through the nearest wall within reaching distance (not to mention the metacarpal fracture that goes along with such a sudden outburst of aversion for the status quo).

To decide which of these crackers is better is a tough call, so I will not dare call it at all. This is a peak-to-peak record by a band that—yes, you’re right, weisenheimer—was nothing but a cash-in attempt by some skilled wallies whose trouser widths were-ill advised and who tried to jump on the bandwagon right before New Wave turned out to be the next big thing. Record collectors, be warned though, pseudo-punk, after Junk Shop Glam, is the latest goldmine to build up your DJ portfolio on. While GYPPO, John Du Cann or TELESCOPE will make you pay moderate to mucho dinero, this AIRSHIP reissue is r-e-a-l-l-y cheap, especially in consideration of its top notch packaging (the omniscent punkrock historian will not recognize the picture sleeve, since the original had none).

So, what are you waiting for? This record was my favourite punk reissue of the year so far, and it will probably remain the best classic punk record you could buy on the cheap in 2016. It’s a piece of wax that you can impress your shitty friends with or to keep yourself entertained on a lonely weekday evening, getting all wasted and excited for the glory of long gone era’s hardboiled punk-sounds. Original copies of this will burn a hole in your pocket, so you better grab this tasteful 45 (Germans, Incognito or A Wonderful Planet are geared up to assist you on your quest!), re-released for the discerning KBD connoisseur and all those young hearts that run free on the vibrant beats and chords of those late 70s punkrock no-counts.




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