Review: COLD CALLERS – Alright Girl / Spying On Me 7″


Alright Girl / Spying On Me 7″
Wanda Records

After filling the gaps between snotnosing dumpster trash wipeouts  and post-punk nuclear apocalypse serenades with THE GAGGERS, MISCALCULATIONS, THE EXIT, TEENAGE TRICKS and about sixty-six and a dozen more roundabout rockers Marco Palumbo, principal of NFT Records as well, still had some downtime left in his 36 hours day and therefore decided to team up with parts of the LOS PEPES and use their universal musical weapon skills to unearth the powerpearling teenage heartbreak sides of their achin´ shakin´ hearts the Bomp Records way.

Pinballing with this american version of the Powerpop legacy  the COLD CALLERS are reverting to the PLIMSOULS´ traits of wanting you back and needing your love tonight as well as skipping their bumpers between the “Work-A-Day World” of THE BEAT and a “Tomorrow Night” ride with THE SHOES before shooting their highscore Twilley bonus rounds with organ carried lights out nods to 20/20 and collecting the final golden dust for their seven inch wonder by way of an “L.A. Explosion” with THE LAST






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