Review: SUBCULTURE – Ain´t Done Nothing Wrong EP


Aint Done Nothing Wrong EP
Contra Records

Steeled by bovver, beans and burnt toast, it´s time for another session of potbelly Ruck´n´Roll muscle stretching at the Cambridge Antisocial Boxing Hall with local Oi! legends SUBCULTURE stinging like a rabid bee infected by a seriously rotten case of “Anarchy In The U.K.”, breastfed by “Flares ´n Slippers” and raised on the dead end dole queue streets of Thatcher Britain.

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Review: PERIPHERIQUE EST – Ring Est 12″ + Tout Les Matins 7″

Cover-periph-est-bigPERIPHERIQUE EST
Ring Est 12″
Modern Action Records


Cover-periph-est-2PERIPHERIQUE EST
Tout Les Matins 7″
Les Disques Panique

Woop Woop, as the ruthless wheeled walker young guns we at the Buzz Headquarter are, having our fingers on the pulse of time constantly, we´re going ultimately up to date now by pinning down a review for two records having been released in february and october of 2015. So why are we doing so, what´s this craze concerning PERIPHERIQUE EST about and which are the reasons for such flippant juvenility about ?

The reason is that there is absolutely no craze going on about PERIPHERIQUE EST, which is an unpardonable crime owed to the cruel fate of a hype infested Punk Scene that, in big parts, doesn´t only have much interest in hard working bands existing beyond the bloated bubble of the daily tabloid bands but also has lost the incent and excitement to search for the diamonds among the coal on it´s own.

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Review: LA FLINGUE – Piss-Tape Zero-Quatre 12″


Piss-Tape Zero-Quatre 12″
Wanda Records / P.Trash Records (Vinyl Version)
Crapoulet Records / No Glory Records (Tape Version)

Still gettin´ high taking a nip from grandma´s secret Klosterfrau Melissengeist stock and stealing her rheumatoid arthritis medication like a pitiful mediocre Darby Crash copycat ?

Then improve to the next level and step right “In Die Zukunft” by starting to snort the LA FLINGUE own hallicugenic Idiot Box mixture of klebstoff and piss to have your brain blowjobbed im Politbüro by a double-headed Hamster Norvegicus.

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Review: SHANDY – Bish Bosh Bash 7″


Bish Bosh Bash 7″
Contra Records

It´s the return of the fever tree jagged Bovver Bandicoots from Down Under (the bar) with a prophesying Boogie Woogie Double-A Side for their “Tough Pucker” Album, meanwhile having hit the streets and Trevor White´s secret basement party room as well, with the objective of overstraining your artificial senior hooly hip joint in a rush of teenage excitement by trying to do nutzoid teenage dance moves while being totally zonked out on cheap shots of crocodile naphtha hooch.     Read More »

Top Of The Snots: MISCALCULATIONS – Kill The Whole Cast LP


Kill The Whole Cast LP
FDH Records / P.Trash Records / Rockstar Records

It´s hot in this post-nuclear stoneage matrix, parched desert landscapes as far as the eye can reach, only broken by the view on blood-smeared arenas where the unpennied beggars are mutilating each other for a piece of bread while the drones of war are minatory hovering above their districts only waiting for their target acquisition commando note. The world the MISCACULATIONS are conceptulaizing with their songs is abysmally vicious and could hardly be any scarier or more frightening but although it may facile appear futuristic actually isn´t that far away from the reality of our modern world where hate is sold as hope, where victims are distorted into parasites, where we´re closing our eyes when being faced with squalor until it´s knocking on our front door, just to even then derogatively slam it in the face of the less and non fortunate.

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Review: LOS PEPES – And I Know / Say Goodbye EP


And I Know / Say Goodbye EP
Wanda Records

Soon ripe, soon rotten and only ten months behind it´s actual release date it finally happened, the review for the latest teenage vinyl treat by your favourite international handsome dicked Powerpop Overthrowers LOS PEPES adding another caviare cruncher to their discography by messing with the “Smart Boys” sound of the STARJETS and teengenerating the whole glorious Good Vibrations history of PROTEX, RUDI, TEARJERKERS, MOONDOGS, XDREAMYSTS and THE UNDERTONES through the “Borneo Jimmy” bullhorn of the DICTATORS cheekily nobbling those nymphomaniac “All Kindsa Girls” from the REAL KIDS backstage room to perform some tangible KNOTS “Action” instead of sleeping with the TV on with a stale beer open.Read More »

Reissue Rumble: AIRSHIP – Get Out, Take Your Mother With You / Gimme A Can Of Spray Paint 7″


Get Out, Take Your Mother With You / Gimme A Can Of Spray Paint 7″
Meanbean Records

Jeez, this is an essential and fully realized single re-release packed with two pub rock/“fake” punk songs that draw from JET STAXX, BUZZ and ALBERTO Y LOST TRIOS PARANOIAS. It is nothing short of puzzling to me that this 7“ has hitherto not been reissued on vinyl, except for the odd bootleg or comp here and there, because both songs are stellar. But first things first: since 2014, it has been good to have Martin over at Québec-based Meanbean Records putting some classic stuff together—no matter whether a heavily sought-after monumental powerpop-retrospective (check the upcoming 7“ by the REGULAR GUYS) or a totally unknown KBD-obscurity (that WIPERS record should be right up you alley!)—, cranking out old material as good as ever. He apparently likes pissing away money on records just as much as Sing Sing did and fills the void after they sadly called it quits.Read More »

Review: BOYS ORDER – Tomorrow Dancing / Danger 7″


Tomorrow Dancing / Danger 7″
Secret Mission Records

Sugar, ah, honey, honey, you are my candy girl and you´ve got me wanting you with your sweetest sound of Belinda Carlisle cheating the time by doing flirty dirty things with the good ole Chipmunks Gang in an acidic yellow paddle pond overspillingly filled with pink strawberry pudding while Ferris Bueller is having his leopard vested day off on TV. Read More »

Review: COLD CALLERS – Alright Girl / Spying On Me 7″


Alright Girl / Spying On Me 7″
Wanda Records

After filling the gaps between snotnosing dumpster trash wipeouts  and post-punk nuclear apocalypse serenades with THE GAGGERS, MISCALCULATIONS, THE EXIT, TEENAGE TRICKS and about sixty-six and a dozen more roundabout rockers Marco Palumbo, principal of NFT Records as well, still had some downtime left in his 36 hours day and therefore decided to team up with parts of the LOS PEPES and use their universal musical weapon skills to unearth the powerpearling teenage heartbreak sides of their achin´ shakin´ hearts the Bomp Records way. Read More »