Review: THE GAGGERS – Bad Taste 7″


Bad Taste 7″
No Front Teeth Records

With a tear in the by despair self-beaten blue eye I have to say so long and bye bye to my favourite cranked up and freaked out United Kingdom speed freaks THE GAGGERS who barbecued my brain with disturbingly increasing regularity plonking out their propitious short sharp shocked nervous breakdowns on the verge of a final Status Epilepticus.

Thank you for seven years of epicentral reversion to the original rotten rathole gluesniff generation and their safety pin sanctuaries of shock, violence, hate doubled with disgust and auditoral deviantly noisy B52 Snot Punk bombings puking in the average´s face with crude and vulgar lyrics against the use of soap, the drawbacks of acne, the advantages of excessive premarital sex as well as the disadvantages of being the queen´s lover.

In this sense all that´s left for me to say is: “Fuck Paris and forget about love, at least we have this single to finally rub on !”.

















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