Review: GEE STRINGS – I Will Get You 7″


I Will Get You 7″
No Front Teeth Records

After their 2012 Split 7″ with Scott “Deluxe” Drake Ingi Pop and her Wildheartbreakers are back with a new 7″ topping the Cherry Bomb by speeding the comprehensively refurbished “X Offender” genius of Clem Burke and Debbie Harry through the Thunders / Killer Kane Overdrive before making you fall down on your knees and pray to the god of S.F. Punk with an incredibly great cover of “We Are The One” paying tribute to one of their main influences THE AVENGERS. Read More »


Review: PALE LIPS – Candy Song 7″


Candy Song 7″
No Front Teeth Records

Diabetes-Pop with a dash of Vanilla Garage and tight fitting early DONNAS hotpants played through the grapevine of Sixties Girlgroups like the SHANGRI-LAS who like their mascara to be smeared by the bad boys in town only but as well are always ready to thump your ass and donate double eye shiners in true BOBBYTEENS style in case you´re not offering the appropriate gentleman´s respect.




Review: THE GAGGERS – Bad Taste 7″


Bad Taste 7″
No Front Teeth Records

With a tear in the by despair self-beaten blue eye I have to say so long and bye bye to my favourite cranked up and freaked out United Kingdom speed freaks THE GAGGERS who barbecued my brain with disturbingly increasing regularity plonking out their propitious short sharp shocked nervous breakdowns on the verge of a final Status Epilepticus. Read More »

Underground Upstarts: HUMAN RACE – I Can´t Wait / Human Race 7″


I Can´t Wait / Human Race 7″
Teenadelic Records

When I first saw that Teenadelic Records, a new Punk & Powerpop label from Rome / Italy, did just set sails by throwing an exclusive release party for this, their prime 7″ by HUMAN RACE adding PROTEX as the headliner for this event, I instantly knew that this label is bound to be awesome. Come on, we all know that you just can´t go wrong after having picked a tasteful label name like that plus being a devoted fan of PROTEX as well getting them over to your hometown for just one gig. That´s passion, that´s dedication, two of the most important ingredients that make a record label great and worth every support the scene has to offer.

As expected the proof of this theory is only seven inches away in form of the HUMAN RACE hijacking your record player with an A-Side starter that is one part blasting through the bass lines of the one and only SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS spitting out a speed pitched version of “Boston Babies” to a lunatic safety pinned Roxy Club crowd and the other part barking out a disgust driven version of the DRONES “Lookalikes”. Read More »